India vs Pakistan: Will it be 5-0 or 5-5 for India, or 3-0 for Pak!!

India and Pakistan match is one of the most awaited encounter in Cricket. Over a period of time, the interest involved in the tussle between these two neighbours has been rated more than the contest between old rivals England and Australia. Now, they are set to clash in the World Cup Quarterfinal.

India and Pakistan At World Cups

Pakistan Has Won More ODIs against India
Pakistan has a clear edge over India in ODI matches. They have won 69 times, while India has won 46 times. The 1970s, 80s and 1990s saw Pakistan being dominant over their neighbours. 2000 onwards the swing has changed. Unfortunately, after that India and Pakistan have rarely played against each other.

World Cup 4-0 for India
India and Pakistan have played 4 World Cup matches. Before 1992 World Cup, they never played against each other, despite participating since the inaugural event of World Cup in 1975. The closest they came to set a duel was in 1987 World Cup. But, both lost their semifinal matches, despite being the favorites and the meeting had to wait till next World Cup.

Since 1992 till 2003 they met once in each World Cup, and all saw India emerging victorious. In 2007 both got knocked out in the first round. Now, in 2011, they will lock horns for the fifth time in World Cup matches. This 5th encounter will be at the toughest stage as they have never met each other beyond quarterfinal stage. Can India make it 5-0 now? Or Will Pakistan finally taste victory against India at World Cup.

India and Pakistan at Mohali
Mohali has been overall not that bad for India as Motera where they had lost majority of matches played, and were coming to the World Cup match after losing 4 consecutive matches in Motera. In Mohali they have won 5 matches and lost 4.

Pakistan on the other hand has lost 4 of the 6 games played there and won only 2. But, the inspirational silver-lining is there in those 2 wins. Both the wins have come against India. Hence, India will play the World Cup Semifinal against Pakistan with a record of 2 losses against them, in the two matches played between both at Mohali.

Who Will Break the losing streak
While Pakistan would be keen to break India’s firm hold on World Cup matches against them, as India hass won all the four matches in World Cup, when they played Pakistan, India will be keen to start winning against Pakistan in Mohali, as Pakistan has defeated India at Mohali in both the earlier matches they have played.

The semifinal must have a result, and if India wins it will be 5-0 (In World Cup) against Pakistan. If Pakistan wins it will be 3-0 at Mohali against India, and at Mohali overall India’s ODI score will be 5-5 (5 win and 5 losses).

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