Lowest WC Scores: The Lambs and The Hunters

World Cup matches from 1975 till 2011 West Indies vs Bangladesh match have given 15 scores below 100. Surprisingly, Sri Lanka, Australia and England are the biggest hunters. Irony that the dreaded bowling attack of West Indies during 70s and 80s never became lethal hunters in WC matches.

The Meanest team
Among the 15 occasions of scores posted below 100 in WC matches, Sri Lanka, England and Australia have dwarfed their opponents thrice, Pakistan and West Indies twice, and New Zealand once. Aong the associate nations, Kenya has also achieved the feat once bowling out West Indies for 93 in 1996 World Cup.

The 3 World Cups of 90s saw only 3 low scores, one in every WC. The first World Cup of 1975 provided 2 such instances whereas 1979 provided one such instance.

Surprisingly, 80s had two World Cups and there were no low scores in both. It was either the Packer-changed weakened Cricket World or else the change of guards as Cricketing power from West Indies to no team that resulted in equality among almost all teams.

The Lambs
Generally Associate nations have been the lamb in WC matches who were slaughtered 10 times below 100. Canada, Namibia and Ireland have the dubious distinction of two below 100 scores. East Africa, Scotland, Kenya and Bermuda have succumbed once below 100. Among test playing minnows Zimbabwe and Bangladesh have succumbed once. Even major test playing nations England, West Indies and Pakistan have been all out below 100 once each.

List of Below 100 Total in WC

    36 Canada vs SL 2003
    45 Canada vs Eng 1979
    45 Namibia vs Aus 2003
    58 Bangladesh vs WI 2011
    68 Scotland vs WI 1999
    69 Kenya vs NZ 2011
    74 Pakistan vs Eng 1992
    77 Ireland vs SL 2007
    78 Bermuda vs SL 2007
    84 Namibia vs Pak 2003
    91 Ireland vs Aus 2007
    93 Eng vs Aus 1975
    93 WI vs Kenya 1996
    94 East Africa vs Eng 1975
    99 Zimbabwe vs Pak 2007

Suprising Prey
Among all the 15 occasions of below 100 score, only once a test playing nation has become a prey to a minnow or non-test playing nation. Kenya bowled out West Indies on 93 in 1996. Not Surprising this associate nation went on to reach semifinals, creating history in 2003 World Cup.

Low Score Between Two Equals
Only once, in a completed match, match between two test playing powers resulted into below 100 score. In 1975 the Australians powered by the menacing duo of Thomson and Dennis bowled out England for 93. On another occasion, England bowled Pakistan out for 74 runs, but the match ended in a draw due to rain.

Rising Low Scores in WC After 2000
The low scores are rising in World Cup matches, after 2000. In 2003 there were record 3 low scores, below 100. 2007 WC saw another record 4 low scores. 2011 has already seen 2 low scores before 16th match. 35 more matches are yet to be played. New record number of low scores in a tournament is on the cards.

The strongest of bowling attack West Indies pace battery played 3 World Cups of 1975, 1979 and 1983. Yet, they could never achieve the feat of bowling out even the minnows at a score below 100. Surprisingly, the comparatively weaker West Indies bowling have achieved it twice in the later World Cup matches.

Out of 100 Club
India is the only major test playing nation who has not achieved the feat of bowling out any team below 100 and also not being bowled out below 100. India’s lowest score is 125 runs in the World Cup matches. Does not the history tell a continuing tale about Indian batting and bowling in ODIs!!

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