Previous World Cup Performances of 2011 World Cup Semifinalists

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and New Zealand have qualified for the semifinals of the World Cup. Here is a list of performances of the four semifinalists from 1975-2011 in World Cups.

Pakistan and New Zealand have qualified for record 6th semifinals, and share the record with Australia. India will play its 5th semifinal while for Sri Lanka it is their 4th semifinal.


    India won a match against Each Africa by 10 wickets, lost against England and NZ. Knocked Out in first round.
    New Zealand won 2 matches, lost against Eng, reached SF. Lost to West Indies by 5 wkts in SF scoring only 158.
    Pakistan and Sri Lanka were knocked out at Group Stage. Both lost against West Indies and Aus. Pakistan won against Lanka.


    India lost all group matches, even against Associate Nation Sri Lanka.
    New Zealand won against Sri Lanka and India, reached SF, where it Lost to England by 9 runs, scored 212/9.
    Pakistan won against Canada and Aus, reached SF where it lost to West Indies by 43 runs scoring 250.
    Sri Lanka lost against New Zealand, drew against West Indies and won against India.


    India won 4 (2 against Zim) group matches,lost one each against West Indies and Australia, reached SF and defeated England by 6 wkts scoring 217/4. In the final they defeated West Indies by 38 runs, scoring 183 runs.
    Sri Lanka lost all except one against New Zealand.
    Pakistan lost one and won one against New Zealand, lost both to England, won both against Sri Lanka. Lost SF to West Indies again, by 8 wkts scoring 184/8.
    New Zealand won 3 and lost 3.


    India lost one to Australia and won one, defeated Zimbabwe and New Zealand in both matches, reached SF and lost to England by 35 runs scoring 219.
    New Zealand won only against Zimbabwe, both 2 matches against India and Australia.
    Sri Lanka lost all matches against Pakistan, West Indies and England.
    Pakistan won all but one against West Indies, lost SF to Australia by 18 runs scoring 249.


    Pakistan lost to India, South Africa, West Indies at group stage, won SF against New Zealand by 4 wkts scoring 263/6 and won final against England by 22 runs, scoring 249/6.
    New Zealand won all but one against Pakistan at group stages and lost SF to Pakistan by 4 wkts scoring 262/7.
    Sri Lanka won one match each against South Africa, Zimbabwe and lost other matches.
    India won against Pak, and lost other matches.


    Sri Lanka on all group matches, reached QF and defeated England by 5 wkts scoring 236/5, won SF against India when umpires awarded the match, and defeated Australia in the final by 7 wkts scoring 245/3.
    India lost to Australia, Sri Lanka and defeated Pakistan by 39 runs in QF scoring 287/8, lost SF to Sri Lanka after disruption.
    New Zealand lost to South Africa, Pakistan and lost to Australia by 6 wkts in QF scoring 286/9.
    Pakistan lost to South Africa, and lost in QF against India scoring 248/9.


    Pakistan lost to Bangladesh at group stage and in Super 6s lost to South Africa, India. In SF defeated New Zealand by 9 wkts scoring 242/1, lost the final to Australia by 8 wkts scoring 132.
    Sri Lanka lost to England, South Africa, India, and could not reach Super 6s.
    India lost to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and in Super 6s lost to Australia, New Zealand and knocked out.
    New Zealand lost to West Indies, Pakistan, and in Super 6s lost to South Africa, and in SF lost to Pakistan by 9 wkts scoring 241/7.


    India lost to Australia, and after winning all in Super 6s defeated Kenya in SF by 91 runs scoring 270/4, but lost final to Australia by 125 runs scoring 234.
    Sri Lanka lost to Kenya, tie with South Africa, and in Super 6s lost to Australia, India and in SF lost to Aus by 48 runs (D/L)
    New Zealand lost to Sri Lanka, Kenya, and in Super 6s lost to Australia, India and were knocked out.
    Pakistan lost to India, Australia, England and were knocked out.


    Sri Lanka won all matches at Group Stage, in Super 8 lost to South Africa, Australia, and in SF defeated New Zealand by 81 runs scoring 289/5, in Final Australia defeated them by 53 runs (D/L)
    New Zealand won all matches at group stage, in Super 8 lost to Sri Lanka, Australia, and in Semifinal lost to Sri Lanka by 81 runs scoring 208.
    Pakistan lost to Ireland and West Indies and were knocked out at group stage.
    India lost to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and were knocked out at group stage.


    Pakistan lost to New Zealand at group stage and topped the group A, defeated West Indies by 10 wkts in QF.
    Sri Lanka lost to Pakistan at group stage, defeated England by 10 wkts in QF
    India lost to South Africa at group stage, defeated Australia by 5 wkts in QF
    New Zealand lost to Australia, Sri Lanka, defeated South Africa by 49 runs in QF.

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