World Cup 2011: Waka Waka to Wagah Wagah

Shakira with Waka waka made the 2010 Soccer World Cup more memorable for other reasons than the game. India-Pakistan game at Mohali, where many people crossed Wagah border for the match, made the 2011 World Cup more memorable than the matches.

Shakira and Waka Waka
Soccer is followed by almost two-third nation of the World. Someone quoted if a nation does not follow soccer, it does not have the right to exist. The much-awaited World Cup of 2010 was considered to be the most popular event under the earth. Shakira on the other hand, despite her popularity as singer with best belly dance, held not much importance to the soccer-crazy world unless her lips locked and moved with the World Cup theme Waka Waka.

The song immortalized Shakira, and since the time it was launched before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and even after since months Waka Waka has remained in the minds and possession of people, crossing all barriers of culture, religion and geography. Even soccer-crazy fans might have forgotten the World Cup soccer matches, but they still sing the Waka Waka theme song.

2011 World Cup
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 has all the reasons to be popular and successful. 14 nations playing after 4 years, in the subcontinent where Cricket is life and with one of the host being India, the country that has revolutionized Cricket across the globe and brought Cricket in the forefront rubbing shoulders with other more popular sports in terms of money.

Even the matches in 2011 World Cup had maximum number of upsets and nerve-breaking finishes. There were big contests at group stage. There were minnows flexing muscles and providing some upsets to challenge the authority of top eight nations taking quarterfinal entry as granted. Even the quarterfinal saw results that were not expected to be so one-sided or close.

The World Cup grew in popularity with every scintillating match. Yet, the biggest moment came when India and Pakistan qualified to play the semifinal against each other, for the fifth time in World Cup, but for the first-time in the semifinals. The clash between the two neighbours in itself gives cricket fans and even non-cricket followers the biggest boost to come up in full support of their respective teams.

Wagah-Wagah for Mohali
Wagah being the closest border to reach Mohali, certainly got into news. Mohali was the closest stadium, fortunately, for the Pakistani fans. Scores of people rushed to book the tickets. Pakistani team that earlier raised concern over visiting India for any World Cup match, in an attempt to object India’s disapproval of Pakistan being the host for any Cricket match, was too happy to oblige when they were to play in Mohali for the spot in final.

Wagah was thronged by people and their vehicles. Thousands of people crossed Wagah to reach Mohali and encourage their home team against the host India.

Wagah-Wagah opportunity made the World Cup semifinal between India and Pakistan the most popular game of the decade, if not the century. Even the Premiers of both countries joined by other people in power and also in entertainment and business industry stopped their work for the match day.

Those who could not reach the stadium also made sure that wherever they were, India or Pakistan or across the globe even if it was late night there, they should not miss to see the match live. People in North America and Australia remained awake at odd hours to follow the match. India and Pakistan came to standstill. All other activities, business and even other sport activities took a break from their individual chores.

Wagah-wagah effect for the match in Mohali built such a hype for the India-Pakistan semifinal clash, that the game was said to be watched by such a huge number of people that could be matched only by World Cup Soccer Final.

Waka Waka to wagah-Wagah did create the unprecendented enthusiasm among the people, across the globe for sports.

Thought: Waka waka singer Shakira has finally fallen for a soccer player. Can Wagah-Wagah affect also help the two nations associate more with each other on friendly and peaceful terms!!

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