India Vs England 1952 Series: Trueman and Bedser Sink India

1952 Series saw England dominating India to win 3-0 at home. Bedser found a new company to trouble India, in the form of Trueman, whose 8-wicket haul in an inning led to India’s shameful total of 58. Both joined hands to force India for two more below-100 tally in an innings.

India vs England 1952 Series: Test Results
India Vs England 1952 Series: Statistics and Records
India Vs England History: Test Series Result

1st Test saw India losing due to dramatic collapse in both innings. In the first innings after and before 222 run partnership for 4th wicket between captain Hazare and Manjrekar the team collapsed. Even in second innings before and after the 105-run partnership between Hazare and Phadkar there was only collapse marked over Indian innings.

3rd test saw India creating a record by collapsing to below 100 totals in both innings. 4th Test saw India collapsing to below 100 score again.

Captains ruled with bat, as Len Hutton was the top-scorer of the series with 399 while Vijay Hazare scored 333 runs. Vinoo Mankad (267) was the only other Indian batsmen crossing 200-mark, while for England Evans (242) and Peter May (206) crossed 200-mark.

Trueman and Bedser rocked India with their lethal combination. Overall England grabbed 68 wickets in the 4-test series. Besides Trueman (28) and Bedser (20) Jim Laker (8) and Jenkins (6) were other prominent bowlers.
Indian bowling had no star performer. With only 39 wickets in the series for India, Ghulam Ahmed with 15 wickets was the key bowler with Vinoo Mankad grabbing 9 wickets.

Enavs with 242 runs provided one of the best performances by a wicketkeeper, while Indian wicketkeepers Mantri and P Roy could not contribute again.

While Len Hutton scored two centuries to become the highest scorer of the series, his Indian counterpart Vijay Hazare was the second highest scorer of the series with 3 half-centuries.

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