India in Hockey Olympics

Winning the qualifier in New Delhi, India earned its 20th entry in Olympic Men’s Hockey. Indian Men’s team is the King of Hockey in Olympics, although the last medal came in 1980. Since then the performance has kept going down, and now since 2000 India is gifted entry through qualifiers, even then they could not enter 2008 Olympics and created the biggest Hockey debacle of decades. Indian Women team has played only in 1980 Moscow Olympics. Check complete record of Indian Men’s Hockey team in ONympics.

Indian in Olympics

    1908 Did not participate
    1920 Did not participate
    1928 Gold beating Netherlands 3-0
    1932 Gold beating United States 24-1 & Japan 11-1 (Round Robin)
    1936 Gold beating Germany 8-1
    1948 Gold beating Great Britain 4-0
    1952 Gold beating Netherlands 6-1
    1956 Gold beating Pakistan 1-0
    1960 Silver losing to Pakistan 1-0
    1964 Gold beating Pakistan 1-0
    1968 Bronze beating Germany 2-1
    1972 Bronze beating Netherlands 2-1
    1976 7th beating Malaysia 2-0
    1980 Gold beating Spain 4-3
    1984 5th beating Netherlands 5-2
    1988 6th losing 2-1 to Pakistan
    1992 7th defeating New Zealand 3-2
    1996 8th losing to South Korea in penalty
    2000 8th losing 2-1 to Great Britain
    2004 8th losing 3-0 to Pakistan
    2008 Did not Qualify
    2012 Qualified winning the Qualifier

In the Qualifier at New Delhi, India Men asserted supremacy over other participating teams. Points Table is witness to their massacre of other teams, barring Canada. Sandeep Singh kissed the goal post for astounding 16 times with two hattricks and had no competition in being judged the player of the tournament.

Indian Women failed to clear the final hurdle against South Africa, and the opportunity to create history by qualifying for Olympics. Indian Women defeated Italy in must-win pool match. But their other pool results was not as desired. None could emerge among top goal scorers.

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