Badminton at London Olympics: Facts and Schedule

Badminton offers 5 Gold medals and is expected to be distriuted between Asian teams, unless there is an Olympic surprise. Here is the schedule and other details of Badminton at Summer Olympics 2012.

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Venue: Wembley Arena
Dates: 28 July – 5 August
Competitors: 172
Events: 5


    Jul 28-21 Premilinaries for all 5 events
    1 Aug Pre-quarterfinals for Men’s and Women’s Singles, Quarterfinal for Mixed Doubles
    2 Aug Quarterfinal for Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Semifinal for Mixed and Women’s Doubles.
    3 Aug Final of Mixed Doubles, Semifinal of Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles.
    4 Aug Final of Women’s Singles and Doubles, Semifinal of Men’s Doubles.
    5 Aug Final of Men’s Singles and Doubles.

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