London Olympics 2012 Final Day: Medal Winners

15 medals were to contest on Aug 12, the final day of the London Olympics 2012. With Narumi Kurosu of Japan crossing the finish line of the women’s Modern Pentathlon, Olympics 2012 concluded. All the events of 36 sports are over.

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Athletics Men’s Marathon

    Gold: Stephen Kiprotich (Uganda)
    Silver: Abel Kirui (Kenya)
    Bronze: Wilson Kipsang (Kenya)


    Gold: USA
    Silver: Spain
    Bronze: Russia

Men’s Fly (52kg)

    Gold: Ramirez (Cuba)
    Silver: Nyambayar (Mongolia)
    Bronze: Conlan (Ireland) & Aloian (Russia)

Men’s Light (60kg)

    Gold: Lomachenko (Ukraine)
    Silver: S Han (South Korea)
    Bronze: Toledo (Cuba) & Petrauska (Lithuania)

Men’s Welter (69kg)

    Gold: Sapiyev (Kazakhstan)
    Silver: Evans (Britain)
    Bronze: Zamkovoy (Russia) & Shelestyu (Ukraine)

Men’s Light Heavy (81kg)

    Gold: Mekhontcev (Russia)
    Silver: Niyazymbetov (Kazakhstan)
    Bronze: Falcao (Brazil) & Gvozdyk (Ukraine)

Men’s Super Heavy (+91kg

    Gold: Joshua (Britain)
    Silver: Cammarelle (Italy)
    Bronze: Dychko (Kazakhsan) & Medzhidov (Azerbaijan)

Cycling Men’s Cross Country

    Gold: Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech)
    Silver: Nino Shurter (Switzerland)
    Bronze: Marxo Aurelio (Italy)

Gymnastics Group All-Around

    Gold: Russia
    Silver: Belarus
    Bronze: Italy

Handball Men’s

    Gold: France
    Silver: Sweden
    Bronze: Croatia

Modern Pentathlon Women’s

    Gold: Asadauskaite (Lithuania)
    Silver: S Murray (Briatin)
    Bronze: Marques (Brazil)

Volleyball Men’s

    Gold: Russia
    Silver: Brazil
    Bronze: Italy

Water Polo Men’s

    Gold: Croatia
    Silver: Italy
    Bronze: Serbia

Men’s 66kg Freestyle

    Gold: Yonemitsu (Japan)
    Silver: Sushil Kumar (India)
    Bronze: Tanatarov (Kazakhstan) & Lopez (Cuba)

Men’s 96kg Freestyle

    Gold: JS Varner (USA)
    Silver: Andriitsev (Ukraine)
    Bronze: Gogshelid (Georgia) & Gazyumov (Azerbaijan)

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