Olympic Hockey History: Indian Kingdom Ruled by Aussies and Europeans

Germany defeat two-time champions Netherlands to win 4th Olympic Men’s Hockey title to become the second best in terms of win behind India’s 8 titles. Some decades ago, Hockey was synonymous to India, as Football is to Brazil in the World. Indian hockey dominance is the strongest and unmatched in any sports. Indian team ruled for 24 years without losing a match. Dhyan Chand was termed the magician. None of the teams in any sports can match the feat of the strongest team of the world. Since the introduction of artificial turf the kingdom of India has been ruled together by Australia, and European teams rule Men’s Hockey.

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    1908 saw Hockey included in Olympics at London.
    1912 and 1924 Games excluded Hockey.
    India (5 times), Netherlands (once in 2000) and Germany (in 2012) are the only teams to defend their Olympic title.
    India has won record 8 Gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze.
    Germany won four times (One by West Germany).
    Pakistan and Great Britain won thrice each, Netherlands twice, Australia, New Zealand once each.

Olympic Medal Winners in Men’s Hockey

    1908 Great Britain (Gold), Ireland (Silver), Scotland, Wales (Bronze)
    1912 Not Included
    1920 Great Britain (Gold), Denmark (Silver), Belgium (Bronze)
    1924 Not included
    1928 India (Gold), Netherlands (Silver), Germany (Bronze)
    1932 India (Gold), Japan (Silver), USA (Bronze)
    1936 India (Gold), Germany (Silver), Netherlands (Bronze)
    1948 India (Gold), Great Britain (Silver), Netherlands (Bronze)
    1952 India (Gold), Netherlands (Silver), Great Britain (Bronze)
    1956 India (Gold), Pakistan (Silver), Germany (Bronze)
    1960 Pakistan (Gold), India (Silver), Spain (Bronze)
    1964 India (Gold), Pakistan (Silver), Australia (Bronze)
    1968 Pakistan (Gold), Australia (Silver), India (Bronze)
    1972 West Germany (Gold), Pakistan (Silver), India (Bronze)
    1976 New Zealand (Gold), Australia (Silver), Pakistan (Bronze)
    1980 India (Gold), Spain (Silver), Soviet Union (Bronze)
    1984 Pakistan (Gold), West Germany (Silver), Great Britain (Bronze)
    1988 Great Britain (Gold), West Germany (Silver), Netherlands (Bronze)
    1992 Germany (Gold), Australia (Silver), Pakistan (Bronze)
    1996 Netherlands (Gold), Spain (Silver), Australia (Bronze)
    2000 Netherlands (Gold), South Korea (Silver), Australia (Bronze)
    2004 Australia (Gold), Netherlands (Silver), Germany (Bronze)
    2008 Germany (Gold), Spain (Silver), Australia (Bronze)
    2012 Germany (Gold), Netherlands (Silver), Australia (Bronze)

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