KKR vs RCB Preview: Bowling Makes KKR Better in the Clash of Titans

The game is another one where the titans are set to clash. Kolkata Knight Riders have won the last two matches in 2012 and are ahead on head-to-head matches also, yet with the strong team both have history does not matter as earlier Royal Challengers Bangalore have also won both matches of the editions. The individual clashes are mouthwatering delight for the Cricket Fans. Both are equal in all front, although KKR looks slightly ahead on bowling and that may become the winning factor.

IPL 2013: Fixture and Results

They have played each other 11 times in 5 seasons which included the biggest IPL victory of any team by runs. In group matches, 2008 and 2012 saw KKR winning both the matches, while 2009 and 2011 belonged to RCB when they won both matches. 2010 saw them sharing a match each. Both have won 5 games each in IPL. KKR has also defeated RCB in CLT20, edging past them on Head to Head count.

Head-to-Head: 6-5

    KKR def RCB by 140 Runs
    KKR def RCB by 5 Runs


    RCB def KKR by 5 Wickets
    RCB def KKR by 6 Wickets


    KKR def RCB by 7 Wickets
    RCB def KKR by 7 Wickets


    RCB def KKR by 9 Wickets
    RCB def KKR by 4 wickets
    KKR def RCB by 9 wkts in CLT20 Group Match, MOM: Kallis


    KKR def RCB by 42 runs, MOM: Balaji
    KKR def RCB by 47 runs, MOM: Gambhir

2008 Performance
RCB finished second from the bottom winning 4 matches and Lost 10. KKR failed to impress despite 6 Wins, 7 Losses and one no result.

2009 Performance
In 2009, RCB finished 2nd best registering 9 wins and 7 losses. KKR finished at the bottom with just 3 wins, 10 losses and one abandoned match.

2010 Performance
In 2010, RCB finished 3rd winning 8 and losing 8 games, while KKR had a better season with 7 Wins 7 Losses, still failed to break into knockout stage.

2011 Performance
RCB reached the final, while KKR entered their maiden semifinal, finishing 4th. RCB topped the group with 9 wins, 4 losses and an abandoned match. KKR won 8 and lost 6 at group stage. RCB lost 2 of the 3 knockout matches, including the final. KKR lost the only match played in eliminator.

2012 Performance
RCB could not reach knockout, as CSK edged it on better NRR, while KKR went on to win their maiden tournament.

2013 Performance
KKR started on a winning note against DD, they lost to RR. RCB on the other hand started on a winning note against MI, but lost to Sunrisers, and then had the revenge against them.

Overall Performance
RCB has won 40 and lost 39. With 37 Wins, 37 Losses, 2 No Result KKR has one of the worst record among the IPL teams. In the last two years they are improving but there is lot of backlog of first three editions to clear.

Who Will Win Today!!
Bangalore provides high scoring results. Both the teams rely on batting filled with pinch hitters. RCB has Gayle, Kohli and AB de Villiers as the prime factor. Mayank Aggarwal has shown some promise, although Saurabh Tiwary is still struggling but he has the ability to hit big.

With Brendum on board, KKR promises a team of big hitters. Morgan appears in good nick but Yusuf Pathan and Manoj Tiwary are struggling, but both are dangerous. Gambhir and Kallis can be relied for speeding up when required.

Kallis or Brett Lee may sit out to pave way for Brendum McCullum. Narine is indispensable for KKR. Balaji was MOM in the last win at Bangalore and may return to the team. Even Rajat Bhatia and Brett Lee have performed well so far.

RCBs bowling unit may face the biggest test of the current edition so far. Vinay Kumar and Unadkat would be tested to the core. Muralitharan and Murali Kartik would have to play a bigger role.

Key Players
Both the teams are full of overflowing talents. Manoj Tiwary, Morgan, Yusuf Pathan, Mayank Aggarawal and so many others.
AB de Villiers and Brendum McCullum
Both the captains of their respective national teams were in tremendous form during the home series before IPL started. Both are seasoned players and would not take long to settle in. Even in IPL they have tremendous record. The contest between them would be worth the viewer’s delight. If both can fire, any target is achievable.

Muralitharan vs Narine
One has achieved all, other is on the way to glory. Yet while Muralitharan has good performances in IPL, Narine is the spin king of IPL specially from the last edition, and his devastation continues even in this edition. Both are the key bowlers for their team and their four overs would have the biggest impact on the fate of their teams.

Ex Teamamets: Gayle, Kartik vs Kallis
Gayle was not retained by KKR and that was RCBs gain. Yet KKR can feel consolation with the fact that since Kallis has arrived from RCB to their team, they have reached the knockout stages in both the editions, 2011 and 2012. With Gayle and Murali Kartik around, despite their huge talent KKR did not benefit as much as RCB. The old flames generally do not die. And that may inspire these three players to perform a notch above.

Contest to Prove Captain’s Mettle: Gambhir vs Kohli
Both are considered the contenders to Captain India in future. While Kohli has to wait till 6th season to get captaincy, Gambhir has to change his own city to get the captaincy. And he has excelled in that. Kohli has shown he can handle the captaincy smoothly as against SUnrisers when they were in the danger of losing the return match also, he single-handedly defeated them. Both captains are good performers in IPL too and that makes the contest more interesting.

The team with better captain than better batsman would win today.

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