IPL 2013: What can Teams Achieve in their Last 2 games!!

With 62 games already completed and 10 more games left for the league stage of 2013 edition to be ever, 7 teams are left with 2 more games and 2 are left with 3 games. Mathematically only Pune Warriors and Delhi Daredevils are out of the contention. Two of the three teams among CSK, MI and RR are set to decide the top two positions. Practically 4 teams are contesting for the 4th place up for grabs. So, Let us see in the remaining 10 games what can the teams achieve!!

Points Table

Team-wise Possible Achievements in Final 10 games

    MI and RR: In their respective 2 games, one of them can reach the top position as they play a game against each other. MI playes KXIP and RR plays SH as their last group matches.
    CSK: Facing DD and CSK they can reach the top.
    RCB: 2 wins in 2 games (KXIP & CSK) can get them grab 4th position. A slip costs them the place.
    SH: Sunrisers need to win both (RR & KKR) and keep an eye on RCBs results and NRR. If RCB keeps winning too SH must win with huge margins.
    KKR: Need to win both (PWI & SH) and pray that RCB and SH lose both remaining matches.
    KXIP: Need to win remaining three (RCB, DD & MI) and pray that RCB and SH lose both remaining matches.
    DD: Try to avoid making 2013 their worst edition by winning at least one of the remaining three matches (CSK, KXIP and PWI).
    PWI: Must win both remaining matches (KKR and DD) to avoid 2013 being worse than their first two editions where they registered 4 wins each.

4th Place and Role of CSK
RCB and SH play both remaining games at respective Homes which has been their fortress. Last year CSK came from behind and pipped RCB and KXIP on better NRR. This year they may repeat the same again, as RCB must win all matches but CSK visits them for their last group match. CSK is the only team to have defeated Sunrisers at Home in otherwise secured Fortress Hyderabad. CSK may make the task difficult again for RCB and easier for SH, provided Sunrisers win both the matches at home.

With current high NRR and just two matches remaining MI, CSK and RR have booked their spot the semifinal. Even if SH and RCB reach their current 20-points level, unless these top three teams lose very badly in their last two games, no mathematical calculation can topple them.

Only 4th place is available now and mathematically there are 4 contenders. RCB and SH are the practical contenders and the contest is between them. KKR and KXIP need to have a dream run in addition to their luck of RCB and SH losing remaining two matches, which is too much to ask as both conclude their group journey at their fortress Home.

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