1970 Football World Cup: Brazil Wins Third Title

Mexico hosted the 9th Football World Cup from 31st May to 21st June, 1970. The first such tournament to be hosted outside Europe and South America was organized in North America, Out of 75 competing nations, 14 qualified to join hosts Mexico and defending champions England. The final was a battle between two-time winners, and Brazil raced ahead of Italy to become the first country to win the FIFA World Cup thrice. Brazil won all their qualifying matches as well as all the 6 world cup matches. West Germany also won all the three matches at group stage, but Italy’s group was the toughest as three teams could win only 1 match each.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
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    Golden Ball: Pele (Brazil)
    Golden Boot: Gerd Müller (West Germany)
    Best Young Player: Teófilo Cubillas (Peru)
    FIFA Fair Play Trophy: Peru

Tournament Facts

    Host: Mexico
    Matches: 32
    Goals Scored: 95
    Format: Group and Knockout
    Hattricks: Gerd Mueller (vs Peru) at Group
    Extra Time: 3 matches

Tournament Statistics

    1. Brazil won for third time.
    2. 10 goals made Gerd Mueller of Germany the highest goal scorer.
    3. Gerd Mueller scored the only hattrick of the tournament.
    4. Own Goal: Javier Guzmán (Mexico vs Italy)


    Group 1: Soviet Union, Mexico, Belgium, El Salvador
    Group 2: Italy, Uruguay, Sweden, Israel
    Group 3: Brazil, England, Romania, Czechoslovakia
    Group 4: West Germany, Peru, Bulgaria, Morocco

Group 1
Draw of lots was used to decide the rank, as Soviet Union and Mexico were tied on points and goal differences.

    1. Mexico drew Soviet Union 0-0
    2. Belgium def El Salvador 3-0
    3. Soviet Union def Belgium 4-1
    4. Mexico def El Salvador 4-0
    5. Soviet Union def El Salvador 2-0
    6. Mexico def Belgium 1-0

Group 2

    1. Uruguay def Israel 2-0
    2. Italy def Sweden 1-0
    3. Uruguay drew Italy 0-0
    4. Sweden drew Israel 1-1
    5. Sweden def Uruguay 1-0
    6. Israel drew Italy 0-0

Group 3

    1. England def Romania 1-0
    2. Brazil def Czechoslovakia 4-1
    3. Romania def Czechoslovakia 2-1
    4. Brazil def England 1-0
    5. Brazil def Romania 3-2
    6. England def Czechoslovakia 1-0

Group 4

    1. Peru def Bulgaria 3-2
    2. West Germany def Morocco 2-1
    3. Peru def Morocco 3-0
    4. West Germany def Bulgaria 5-2
    5. West Germany def Peru 3-1
    6. Bulgaria drew Morocco 1-1


    1. Uruguay def Soviet Union 1-0 (Extra time)
    2. Brazil def Peru 4-2
    3. West Germany def England 3-2 (Extra time)
    4. Italy def Mexico 4-1

Semis and Final

    1. SF1: Italy def West Germany 4-3 (Extra time)
    2. SF2: Brazil def Uruguay 3-1
    3. 3rd Place: West Germany def Uruguay 1-0
    4. Final: Brazil def Italy 4-1

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