Ind vs WI: No Fab 5, Still West Indies Fans Have Reasons to Worry More

The visitors are without the big names of Test Cricket. Fab 5 is history. In the current squad, the most experienced test player has not even reached 3000 test runs, only 6 (including Ashwin) of the 14 team members have crossed 1000 test run mark. The host teams have Samuels and Darren Bravo, the most experienced players of this series. They are desperate to break the humiliating record of 0 test win in 14 years against only one team in the world, India. But, can West Indies fans feel confident at North Sound!! Let us analyse the batting record and comparison of both teams.

India vs West Indies Test Series Complete History and Record
2016 series: Squads, Schedule, Results

Comparative Statistics of Batting in Current Squad of Both teams:
1. 40 centuries (IND) vs 20 centuries (WI)
2. 3 doublecenturions (WI) vs 1 (IND)
3. 8 centurions (IND) vs 5 (WI)
4. Highest centuries: 11 (Kohli) vs 7 each (Samuels and Darren Bravo).
5. Highest Runs: 3622 and 2988 (Samuels, Darren Bravo) vs 2994 runs (Kohli)
6. Highest Matches: 64 tests (Samuels) and 42 tests (Bravo) vs 41 Tests (Kohli)

The Indian batting looks inexperienced and weak, struggling to fit in the boots of Fab 5. With 41 tests and 2994 runs, captain Kohli is the most experienced batsman in the squad. Pujara has 2420 runs with 7 centuries including the double century looks good on paper, but has struggled during the last few series. Shikhar Dhawan has more tales of failure than success. That leaves Rahane and Lokesh Rahul with 2 centuries in 5 test as the most dependable batsmen, specially abroad even if it is a weaker West Indies.

Batting Record of Indian Squad
Kohli 41 Tests, 2994 runs, 11 100s, 169 highest
Murali Vijay 37 Tests, 2630 runs, 6 100s, 167 highest
Pujara 32 Tests, 2420 runs, 7 100s, 206* highest
Rahane 22 Tests, 1619 runs, 6 100s, 147 highest
Dhawan 19 Tests, 1308 runs, 4 100s, 187 highest
Ashwin 32 Tests, 1204 runs, 2 100s, 124 highest
Rohit Sharma 16 Tests, 896 runs, 2 100s, 177 highest
Lokesh Rahul 5 Tests, 256 runs, 2 100s, 110 highest
Amit Mishra 18 tests, 574 runs, 3 50s, 84 highest
Jadeja 16 tests, 473 runs, 68 highest
B Kumar 12 Tests, 393 runs, 2 50s, 63* highest
Saha, 11 tests, 367 runs, 2 50s, 60 highest
Binny 6 tests, 194 runs, 78 highest
Shami 12 Tests, 166 runs, 51* highest
Debutant: Shardul

West Indies team has its own worries though besides being not able to field their best XI due to internal issues. There is no Chanderpaul to save them the test matches. Samuels is the most experienced, but he has only 3622 runs in 64 test matches. Their team has only 3 batsmen who have reached 1000 test runs. But those three have hit double centuries too. Still, a team can find difficult to win a series just with 3 good batsmen. With home advantage they may get more confidence and come up with surprises though, including their bowlers.

Samuels 64 Tests, 3622 runs, 7 100s, 260 highest
Darren Bravo 42 Tests, 2988 runs, 7 100s, 218 highest
Kraigg Brathwaite 27 Tests, 1686 runs, 4 100s, 212 highest
Jermaine Blackwood 15 Tests, 800 runs, 1 100, 112* highest
Holder 13 Tests, 546 runs, 1 100, 103* highest
Bishoo 15 Tests, 244 runs, highest 30
Leon Johnson 4 Tests, 275 runs, 2 50s, 66 highest
Carlos Brathwaite 2 Tests, 130 runs, 2 50s, 69 highest
Dowrich 2 Tests, 102 runs, highest 70
Gabriel 16 Tests, 53 runs, 20* highest
Debutant: Miguel Cummins Roston Chase

Despite not looking better on paper, Kohli and Co may still sink them in 4-test series. Saving Whitewash may be considered a victory. The world agrees that Kohli’s aggressiveness is not limited only to his batting. He takes all chances to win. He is never happy to play for a draw. That is the driving force of the current squad which does not let them feel the absence of Fab 5 or the legendary captain, Dhoni. West Indies may probably not be able to relax. They may be more worried now about saving the whitewash against the aggressive captain of India.

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