1900 Olympics: Only Indian Athlete Bags two Silver

India was represented by lone athlete Norman Pritchard in five events of Athletics. He won two silver and India finished 17th as 21 of the 24 participating nations on medals. Check the statistics and complete performances of Indian athlete.

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Olympic and Indian Statistics

    India Ranking: 17th
    Venue: Paris, France
    Sports: 85 in 19 sports
    Participating Nations: 24
    Athletes Participating: 997 (975 men, 22 women)

Norman’s Top 3 Performances: 2 Silver and a 5th Position

    Men’s 200 metres: SILVER
    He finished second behind Al Kraenzlein of USA as Walter Tewksbury of USA bagged the Bronze medal.
    Men’s 200 metres Hurdles: SILVER
    He finished second behind Walter Tewksbury of USA as Stan Rowley of Australia bagged the Bronze medal.
    Men’s 110 metres Hurdles: 5th
    Al Kraenzlein of USA bagged the gold, ahead of John McLean and Fred Moloney of USA. Jean Lécuyer finished fourth ahead of Norman.

Athletics: Norman Pritchard in 5 Events

    SILVER Men’s 200 metres
    SILVER Men’s 200 metres Hurdles
    Men’s 60 metres: Round 1
    Men’s 100 metres: Round 1
    Men’s 110 metres Hurdles: 5th

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