1960 Olympics: India Loses Hockey Final 1st Time, Milkha Singh Finishes 4th

Rome Olympics would be remembered for two losses. While Indian Men’s Hockey team lost the Olympic final for the first time, Milka Singh brought India closes to a medal in Athletics. Unfortunately, despite World record performance, he missed Bronze in a photo-finish finishing the 400m race in 45.6.

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Olympics Statistics

    Venue: Rome, Italy
    Sports: 150 events in 17 sports
    Participating Nations: 83
    Athletes Participating: 5,338 (4,727 men, 611 women)

Indian Statistics

    India Ranking: No Medals
    Flag Bearer: None
    Indian Team: 45 (all men)
    Sports-India: Athletics, Football, Hockey, Shooting, Weightlifting, Wrestling
    2nd Olympics: Milkha Singh


    Milkha Singh: 4th in Men’s 400 metres
    Raj Joshi Tilak Round 1 Men’s 100 metres
    Ranjit Bhatia Round 1 Men’s 5,000 metres
    Lal Chand 40th in Men’s Marathon
    Jagmal Singh 45th in Men’s Marathon
    Ranjit Bhatia 60th in Men’s Marathon
    Jagmohan Singh Men’s Round 1 110 metres Hurdles
    Zora Singh 20th in Men’s 20 kilometres Walk, 8th in Men’s 50 kilometres Walk
    Ajit Singh Men’s 20 kilometres Walk, 15th Men’s 50 kilometres Walk
    Gurbachan Singh Randhawa Round 1 Men’s High Jump, Men’s Decathlon
    B. V. Satyanarayan Round 1 Men’s Long Jump
    Virsa Singh Round 1 Men’s Long Jump

Hockey: First and Only Silver for Men’s Team

    4th: Leslie Claudius
    3rd: Udham Singh
    2nd: Shankar Laxman, Raghbir Singh Bhola
    Others: Prithipal Singh, Jaman Lal Sharma, Charanjit Singh, Govind Sawant, Gindi Singh, V. J. Peter, Jaswant Singh, Joseph Anthony Antic, Mohinder Lal


    Group A
    Def Denmark (10-0)
    Def Netherlands (4-1)
    Def New Zealand (3-0)
    Quarters: Def Australia 1-0
    Semis: Def Great Britain 1-0
    Final: Lost to Pakistan 0-1 (Goal Scorer: Ahmad Nasir)

Football: 16th (Last)

    3rd: Sheikh Abdul Latif
    2nd: Peter Thangaraj, PK Banerjee, Tulasidas Balaram (19 year), Mariappa Kempaiah
    Others: Bahadur Chettri Ram, Dharmalingam Kannan, Dhillon Singh Jarnail, Menon Chandrasekhar, Simon Sunder Raj, Subimal Goswami, Youssef Khan, Simon Sunder Raj


    Group D
    Lost to Hungary 1-2 (Balamaran scored)
    Drew France 1-1 (PK Banerjee scored)
    Lost to Peru 1-3 (Balamaran scored)


    Karni Singh Men’s Trap
    Sen Keshav Men’s Trap

Laxmi Kanta Das 12th Men’s Featherweight


    Sunder Shiam 25th Men’s Featherweight, Freestyle
    Parkash Gian 15th Men’s Lightweight, Freestyle
    Udey Chand 15th Men’s Welterweight, Freestyle
    Madho Singh 7th Men’s Middleweight, Freestyle
    Sajan Singh 7th Men’s Light-Heavyweight, Freestyle

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