India vs Pakistan Hockey Record at Olympics

Indians were the Olympic Giants till they lost the 1960 Rome Olympics final. After that Pakistan won 3 matches till 2016 Olympics, except in 1964 when Indians avenged defeat to register 2 out of 3 wins in Olympic finals against Pakistan in the last Olympic finals for India. Check the results.

Ind vs Pak Hockey Record: Bilateral Test Series
Global Tournaments: Champions Trophy, World Cup, Hockey World League, Commonwealth Games, Afro-Asian Games, Azlan Shah
Asian Tournaments: Asian Games, Asian Champions Trophy, South Asian Games, Asia Cup
Other Tournaments across the globe: 1966-2011


    Out of 7 matches, Pakistan won 4, Indians won 2.
    2 of the matches were played during Olympics Qualifier.
    Pakistan scored 15 goals, Indians scored 8 goals.
    6th minute goal by Naseer Bunda (in 1960 final) is the quickest at Olympics between these two teams.
    2nd minute goal by Sohail Abbas (in Olympics Qualifier 2004) is the quickest between these two teams.
    4 goals scored by Sohail Abbas in one match (Olympics Qualifier 2004).
    2 goals by Gagan Ajit Singh is only second instance of a player scoring more than one goal between these two teams in Olympics matches.

Goal scorers

    1 Randhir Singh Gentle (1956), Mohinder Lal (1964), Mohinder Pal Singh (1988)


    6 Sohail Abbas (2004)
    1 Naseer Bunda (1960 6th mnt), Musaddiz, Qazi (1988), Aziz, Shabbir (2004 Olympics)

Olympics (7-Pak 5, Ind 2)

    1. 1956 Olympics Final 1-0 India
    2. 1960 Olympics Final 1-0 Pakistan
    3. 1964 Olympics Final 1-0 India
    4. 1972 Olympics Semifinal 2-0 Pakistan
    5. 1988 Olympics 2-1 Pakistan
    6. 1996 Olympics 0-0 Draw
    7. 2004 Olympics 3-0 Pakistan

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