India vs Pakistan Hockey Record at World Cup

In 5 matches of World Cup before 2017, India leads 3-2 scoring 10 goals against Pakistan’s 7 goals. They have met twice in semifinals, once in final and once for the last place match.

Ind vs Pak Hockey Record: Bilateral Test Series
Global Tournaments: Olympics, Champions Trophy, Hockey World League, Commonwealth Games, Afro-Asian Games, Azlan Shah
Asian Tournaments: Asian Games, Asian Champions Trophy, South Asian Games, Asia Cup
Other Tournaments across the globe: 1966-2011

Goal Scorers for India

    2 Mohinder Pal Singh (1986), Sandeep Singh (2010)
    1 Rajvinder Singh (1971), B. P. Govinda (1973), Surjeet Singh
    Ashok Kumar (1975), Shivendra Singh, Prabhjyot Singh (2010)

World Cup Matches: Ind 3, Pak 2

    1. 1971 Semifinal 2-1 Pakistan
    2. 1973 Semifinal 1-0 India
    3. 1975 Final 2-1 India
    4. 1986 Last place 3-2 Pakistan
    2. 2010 Pool 4-1 India

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