Jr. Asian Wrestling Championships 2018: Indians Finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th Winning 17 medals

Indian Wrestling Squad won 3 Gold, 7 Silver and 7 Bronze medals in Junior Asian Wrestling Championship held from July 17 – 22, 2018 at New Delhi. Check the complete results of Indians in all the three events as in Men’s Freestyle Indians were 2nd best team, in Women’s Indians were third best team, while in Greco-Roman Indians emerged as 4th best team.

Men’s Freestyle
Indians Finished as second best team in Men’s Freestyle with 2 Gold medals, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals in 10 events. Iran with 5 Gold medals finished on top. Indians had 173 team points as compared to 189 by Iran.

    74 Kg Sachin Rath won Gold
    86 Kg Deepak Punia won Gold
    57 Kg Naveen won Silver
    70 Kg Vishal Kaliramana won Silver
    79 Kg Sachin Giri won Silver
    61 Kg Suraj Rajkumar Kokate won Bronze
    65 Kg Karan won Bronze
    125 Kg Mohit won Bronze
    92 Kg Somveer lost in Round 3
    97 Kg Nasir Hussain lost Repechage

Women’s Wrestling
Indians finished third behind Japan and China winning 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals in 10 events. Indian women team had 135 points while Japan with 7 Gold medals had 213 and China with 5 Silver had 168 poins.

    57 Kg Mansi won Silver
    68 Kg Divya Karan won Silver
    53 Kg Swati Sanjay Shinde won Bronze
    55 Kg Reena won Bronze
    76 Kg Karuna won Bronze
    50 Kg Shivani Pawar lost Bronze medal match
    59 Kg Sangeeta lost Bronze medal match
    62 Kg Anshu lost Bronze medal match
    65 Kg Tina lost Bronze medal match
    72 Kg Sonika Hooda lost Bronze medal match

While Iran completely dominated winning 6 Gold medals and earning 225 points, Indians finished 4th with 129 points winning one Gold, two Silver and 2 Bronze. Kazakhstan with 147 points and Kyrgyzstan with 135 points finished 2nd and 3rd.
Complete result of Greco Roman for Indians.

    Sajan won Gold in 77 Kg
    Vijay won Silver in 55 KG
    Aryan Pawar won Silver in 130 Kg
    Sunil Kumar won Bronze in 87 Kg
    Viresh Kundu won Bronze in 97 Kg
    Malkit Hooda lost Bronze medal match in 67 Kg
    Sachin Rana lost in QF in 60 KG
    Manjeet lost Repechage in 63 Kg
    Kuldeep Malik lost Repechage in 72 Kg
    Sanjeet lost QF in 82 Kg

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