Indian Open Super Series 2011: MS Qualification Results

16 Men’s Singles player contested the four qualifier positions for the main draw of Men’s Singles that starts from 27 April. The final qualifier had to win two matches. Here is the result of Men’s Singles qualifier.
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Women Singles Qualification Results

MS Qualifiers and Results
1. Oscar Bansal (Ind) def Aditya Elango [1] (IND) 21-16 21-17
2. Prannoy H.S. (IND) def Guaranshu Chopra (Ind) 21-7 21-14
Qualifier 1 (Q1) Prannoy H.S. (IND) def Oscar Bansal (Ind) 21-16 21-11
Qualfied: Prannoy H.S. (IND)

3. Suppanyu Avihingsanon [4] (Tha) def Tanveer Gill (Ind) 21-12 21-12
4. Sai Praneeth B. (Ind) def Gupta Manish (Ind) 21-5 21-7
Qualifier 2 (Q1) Sai Praneeth B. (Ind) def Suppanyu Avihingsanon [4] (Tha) 21-19, 21-19
Qualfied: Sai Praneeth B. (Ind)

5. Nandagopal K. (Ind) def Rohan Castelino (Ind) 14-21 21-13 21-15
6. Anup Sridhar [3] (Ind) def Vikram Saini (Ind) 21-14 21-8
Qualifier 3 (Q1) Anup Sridhar [3] (Ind) def Nandagopal K. (Ind) 21-14 25-23
Qualified: Anup Sridhar [3] (Ind)

7. Sourabh Verma (Ind) def Nigel Dsa (Ind) 21-15 21-17
8. Chun Seang Tan [2] (MAS) def Nagendra T (Ind) 21-9 21-11
Qualifier 4 (Q1) Sourabh Verma (Ind) def Chun Seang Tan [2] (MAS) 21-12, 20-22, 21-12
Qualified: Sourabh Verma (Ind)

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