Indian Hockey: After Men, Now Shame for Women’s Hockey

Delhi, India: Last year Indian Men’s Hockey revolted citing reasons of less salary, among many other reasons. Now, Women’s Hockey has a horrific reason to raise concern. Almost entire women’s team has complained against sexual adventures of the coach, Maharaj Kishan Kaushik.

With immediate affect, the coach has resigned and dared the complainants to prove the charges. Ironically, the Women’s team has left for Asian Championship despite making the serious allegations. Sexual abuse in Women’s sport from coaching staff and authorities is nothing new in Indian sports. many other sports has faced the same situation.

This would be a new chapter in Sports where more than 15 members of the team complain about the sexual abuse by the coach. Most of them have stated that the coach has been harassing them from past many years and has asked for sexual favors to represent India.

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