Ind Vs Aus Test Records: Fielding and Wicketkeeping

In Aus Vs India rivalry, for fielding Dravid holds the record of maximum catches, while Gilchrist leads all the the wicketkeeping records.

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Most Catches

    44 Dravid in 56 innings
    29 Mark Waugh in 26 inning
    34 Laxman in 52 innings
    34 Ponting in 53 innings
    23 Hayden in 36 innings

Most Catches in an Innings

    5 Srikkanth Perth 1992
    4 Each
    Davidson Delhi 1959
    Whatmore in Kanpur 1979
    Mark Waugh thrice

Most Catches in a match

    6 Whatmore, Mark Waugh
    5 Harvey and Simpson, Solker, Srikkanth, Dravid, Michael Hussey

Most Catches in a series

    13 Dravid 2004/05
    12 Whatmore 1979/80
    10 Harvey, Mark Waygh, Solkar, Ian Chappel

Most Dismissals

    75 Gilchrist (73 catches and 2 stumpings) in 36 innings of 18 tests
    41 Kirmani (29 catches and 12 stumping) in 33 innings of 17 tests
    36 Dhoni in 24 innings of 13 test
    26 Healy in 16 innings of 9 test

Most Dismissals in an innings

    5 Marsh
    5 Dhoni

Most Dismissals in a match

    8 Marsh, Gilchrist and Dhoni

Most Dismissals in a series

    25 Gilchrist in 8 innings of 4 test 2007/08
    22 Rixon in 9 innings of 5 test in 1977/78

For India

    14 Kirmani in 12 innings of 6 tests in 1979/80

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