History of Canada in Cricket World Cups

Canada played their fourth World Cup. After their forgettable debut in 1979, they have been playing since 2003 World Cup. In 2003 they registered their first and only World Cup victory against Bangladesh. In 1979 and 2007 they could not win any match. In 2011, they won their 2nd World Cup match. They defeated Kenya taking revenge of 2007 World Cup defeat.

Canada Sign Out World Cup 2011 With Promising Future

Other Good Performers

Performance Graph In 4 World Cups
In 1979 they were easily defeated by Pakistan, England and Australia. They had the dubious distinction of lowest ODI and World Cup score of 45 runs (against England). Their highest score was 139/9. That was the only match, among the three matches they played where they were not bowled out.

In 2003
They won against Bangladesh, but lost remaining 5 matches against Kenya, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa and New Zealand. They created new record of lowest ODI score when they Sri Lankans bowled them out for 36 runs. Their highest score of the tournament and their first 200 plus score was 202 against West Indies. Only against South Africa they were not bowled out, scoring 136/5.

In 2007
They improved marginally, yet lost all three matches against New Zealand, England and Kenya. 249/9 against New Zealand was their highest score. 199 against Kenya was the lowest. A defeat by 51 runs against England, scoring 228/7 was their best performance.

In 2011They managed to defeat Kenya, against whom they have lost in last two World Cups. Yet they were bowled out in first three matches against Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Pakistan at scores below 140. Against Kenya they won, but while scoring the winning total of 199/5 they looked shaky. Surprisingly against New Zealand and Australia they scored above 200. 261/9 (against Kiwis) was their highest score of the tournament. They gave an initial scare to Aussies and the World began expecting another upset result when they scored 77 runs in first 10 overs against the mighty bowling. But, their innings folded to 211 and they lost the match without much fight.

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