Sehwag Vs Warne: Who Will have the first laugh!!

Sehwag Vs Warne duel has been one of the most interesting aspect of IPL since inception. Their names are enough to make opponents shiver and succumb. Their good performances decide the match. As captain and players they have decided the fate of their teams. Now, in their 7th duel against each other, who will have the first laugh!!

DD vs RR Match Preview

As Captains
Sehwag and Warne can be termed equally successful as captains in IPL. Interestingly both never captained their country, although Sehwag got some opportunities as part-time captains. In IPL, Warne led his underdog team to victory podium in their only arrival at knockout stage, while Sehwag’s team has reached the knockout stage twice, but could not enter the finals. In 2008, Warne’s boys thumped Sehwag’s men in the semifinal and on their way to the championship.

As players both have been very useful to their teams. While Warne could not succeed much in 2010, Sehwag failed miserably in 2009.

Best In IPL
Warne was 2nd best bowler in 2008. Sehwag was 10th best batsman in 2008.

2011 Performances
Both have played one match. Sehwag appeard unstoppable when he got run out before reaching 20s.

2010 Performances
Sehwag was 14th highest scorer of the tournament, and highest scorer of Delhi Daredevils. He scored 356 runs in 14 innings, with 75 highest against Warne’s team, hitting 14 sixes (joint 13th), playing at an average of 25.42 and strike rate of 163.30.

Warne took 11 wickets in 14 matches with 4/21 as best performance. He was joint 20th best bowler of the tournament, below par his general performance, resulting into Royals exiting the tournament before semifinal. His best performance 4/21 was the 4th best effort of the tournament though.

2009 Performances
Sehwag had a forgettable year. He played only 11 matches and could score just 198 runs, with one half century. His strike rate was still 143.47 and he hit 7 sixes. South Africa did not suit him.

Warne on the other hand was the 13th best bowler taking 14 wickets in 13 matches with 3/24 being the best performance.

2008 Performances
Sehwag was the 10th best batsmen with 406 runs in 14 innings, remaining undefeated twice. With 94 not out was his highest, his average was 33.83 and strike rate was 184.54. He also hit 21 sixes, fourth highest of the tournament.

Warne with 19 wickets was the 2nd best bowler of the tournament and played a key role in leading his team to the podium as winner. His best was 3/19 at an economy rate of 7.76.

Who Will Win the 2011 Duel!!
So far, while Warne has not been such a succesful bowler against Delhi Daredevils in the last 6 contest, Sehwag had been successful just once. In fact, his score of 75 runs is the highest by any batsman in the DD vs RR matches. But, going by their game both show good form. Sehwag can get to bat against Warne only if he stays till 6 overs, and if he stays till 6 overs it will be curtains for Warne’s men!! Most probably, Warne will pray that the duel does not happen, for the sake of his team.

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