WC 2011: Minnows Overshadow Test Teams, 9 teams – 10 Highest Partnerships

The World Cup 2011 had a lot of debate over the inclusion of minnows. Many do not want so many minnows in one World Cup. The debate will continue. Yet going by the match results, and now by the highest partnerships for wickets, minnows made, a big statement. 9 teams were involved in top 10 partnerships effort for each wicket.

WC 2011: Highest Partnerships

Indian, Sri Lanka and South Africa came with the best batting line-up. Batsmen from New Zealand, Pakistan, England and Australia batsmen struck form during the tournament. Bangladesh and West Indies were not expected to produce big scores.

After 49 matches, where every team played at least 6 group matches, the highet partnership for every wicket did not have the name of top-most teams only. 9 teams were part of the record books in the highest patnerships.

While Sri Lankan opener, Indian top order, South African middle order contributed heavily, as expected, Canada, Netherlands and Ireland surprised all by providing the biggest partnerships of the tournament for 4th, 5th and 6th wicket. And the highest partnerships till 6th wicket crossed triple figure. New Zealand, Kenya and Pakistan contribued also for highest partnerships in lower order.

Overall Partnerships Record

    200 plus partnerships: 4 (SL 2, Ind and SA 1 each). 2 each for 1st and 3rd wicket.
    150-200 partnerships: 8 (Eng and Ire 2 each, Aus, SL, Zim, NZ 1 each)
    100-150 partnerships: 25 (Ind 5, Pak, Aus and Zim 3 each, Eng and Can 2 each, Neth, SL, SA, Kenya, NZ, Ire, WI 1 each)

No Three Figure Partnerships
Bangladesh had not a single three figure partnership. 92 runs was their highest partnership of the tournament scored for 2nd wicket, against Netherlands. They had 11 50-100 runs partnerships in 6 innings, which saw them folding below 100 twice.

Teams Scoring 100-plus Team Partnerships:

    6 India
    5 Sri Lanka
    4 England, Zimbabwe
    3 Pakistan, Ireland, Australia
    2 South Africa, New Zeal and, Canada
    1 Netherland, Kenya and West Indies

Mainstays of Partnerships
The two finalists provided maximum chances of century partnerships. The losing finalist Sri Lanka had 5 instances, while winner India edged them here also by giving 6 partnerships. Bagai and Hansra were the key players for Canada. Both joined hands to give 2 (the only two from canada) century partnerships from Canada. Australia had one partnership for 5th wicket. Otherwise remaining two came for the first wicket.

100-plus Partnerships for Wickets

    First and Third wicket provided the maximum 100-plus partnerships.
    1st wkt 10 partnerships 2 each by SL and Aus, 1 each by Ire, Ind, NZ, Pak, Eng and WI.
    2nd wkt Only 3 100-plus partnerships (2 by India, 1 by SL)
    3rd wkt 12 partnerships 2 each by SL, Zim, Eng , SA, Ind, 1 each by NZ and Ire.
    4th wkt 6 partnerships of 100-plus (2 by Canada, 1 by Eng, Kenya and Ind, Pak)
    5th wkt 5 partnerships (1 each by Neth, Pak, Aus, Zim)
    6th wkt 1 partnership by Ireland.

Some Test Teams were Not Better than Ireland and Zimbabwe
The overall trend justifies that it was not only the major nations that contributed to the partnerships. In fact, Ireland, Zimbabwe and Canada played a major role. Hansra and Bagai of Canada dominated the fourth wicket partnerships, whereas all the major teams could not give notable partnerships. Only India and Sri Lanka provided higher partnerships. Others were just as good than some minnows or worse also in some cases, if we consider the partnerships given by teams like New Zealand, Bangladesh, West Indies, even Australia, South Africa and Pakistan.

WC 2011: Highest Partnerships

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