Ind vs WI ODI Series 2011: Biggest Partnerships by Runs & Wickets

The 13th ODI series between India and West Indies has been dubbed as a series between second string teams. And that has made the competition more intense. Here is the list of partnerships for wickets and also highest partnerships by runs in current bilateral series.

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Highest Partnerships by Wickets

    1st 57 Simmons and Edwards (WI)
    2nd 120 Parthiv and Kohli (Ind)
    3rd 103* Sarwan (retired) & Darren Bravo (WI)
    4th 110 Kohli & Rohit Sharma (Ind)
    5th 80 Rohit and Raina (Ind)
    6th 96 Pollard and Baugh (WI)
    7th 88 Rohit and Harbhajan (Ind)
    8th 78 Baugh and Russel (WI)
    9th 51* Russel and Roach (WI)
    10th 11* Sammy and Martin (WI) ol>

    Highest Partnerships by Runs (50 runs or Above)

      120 2nd Parthiv and Kohli (Ind)
      110 4th Kohli & Rohit Sharma (Ind)
      103* 3rd Sarwan (retired) & Darren Bravo (WI)
      96 6th Pollard and Baugh (WI)
      88 7th Rohit and Harbhajan (Ind)
      82 4th Sarwan and Samuels (WI)
      80 5th Rohit and Raina (Ind)
      78 8th Baugh and Russel (WI)
      67 2nd Simmons and Sarwan (WI)
      65 2nd Simmons and Sarwan (WI)
      58 3rd Kohli & Tiwary (Ind)
      57 3rd Darren Bravo & Samuels (WI)
      51 3rd Sarwan and Samuels (WI)
      51* 9th Russel and Roach (WI)

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