Test Bowling Records: History of Hattricks

40 hattricks have been taken in Test Cricket till the end of SL in England series of 2014. Broad is the third bowler to take two hattricks in test matches. English bowlers have taken the maximum hattricks, while Australian batsmen have been the victims on maximum occasions.

Hattrick Facts

    1. 13th Hattrick by English bowler.
    2. 14th hattrick since 2000.
    3. Spofforth of Australia was the first bowler to take a hattrick. He started the hattrick trail in 1878-79 series against England at Melbourne in the Third test played in cricket history.
    4. Matthews of Australia is the only bowler to have taken hattricks in both the innings. He earned the feat in 1912 against South Africa in Manchester.
    5. Stuart Broad of England, Trumble of Australia, besides Matthews of Australia, has two hattricks against his name.
    6. Allom of England, Petherick of New Zealand and Fleming of Australia completed hattrick on debut.
    7. Trumble of Australia and Griffith of South Africa completed hattrick in their final tests.
    8. Zoysa (SL) completed hattrick in first three balls of his first over in the test.
    9. Irfan Pathan (Ind) completed hattrick in the first over of the test.

Hattricks for

    13 Eng
    11 Aus
    4 WI
    3 Pak
    2 NZ, Ind, Ban
    1 SL, SA, Zim

Hattricks Against

    8 Aus
    6 Eng
    5 SL, Pak, WI
    4 RSA
    3 NZ
    2 Ban
    1 Ind, Zim

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