History of ICC Champions Trophy

Champions Trophy is the only ODI championship apart from World Cup which the ICC organizes for all the test playing nations. Started in 1998, in 15 years it has 7 Champions Trophy under its banner. The seventh Champions Trophy held at England in 2013 is the last such ODI tournament. Check the complete history of Champions Trophy of the first six tournaments.

2013 Champions Trophy: Schedule & Results
2013 Champions Trophy: Squads


    Except England and Pakistan all the current 6 test playing nations have won the tournament.
    Australia is the only country to have won it twice.
    West Indies is the only country to have finished Runners up twice.
    South Africa has reached maximum 5 semifinal entries.
    Maximum 12 nations participated in 2002 and 2004.

Champions Trophy Factfile

    Years Organized: 7
    Winners: 6 Countries
    Runners Up: 4 Countries
    Semifinalists: 8 countries
    Participating Nations: 13
    Matches: 81

Years Organized: 1998 (Dhaka), 2000 (Nairobi), 2002 (Sri Lanka), 2004 (England), 2006 (India), 2009 (South Africa), 2013 (England)

Participating Nations: Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, England, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Bangladesh, Netherlands, United States

Winners: 2 by Australia, 1 each for South Africa, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, West Indies (2002 had Joint winners due to rain)
Runners Up: 2 by West Indies, 1 each for India, England, New Zealand (2002 had no Runners up)

Semifinalists: 5 South Africa, 4 Australia, West Indies, India, 3 Pakistan, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka

Number of Matches in Every Edition

    1998: 8 (including one Preliminary match where New Zealand def Zimbabwe)
    2000: 7
    2002: 15
    2004: 15
    2006: 21 (6 Qualifying, 15 Main round)
    2009: 15

Semifinalists and Winners of 6 editions

    1998: South Africa (Winner), West Indies (Runners up), Sri Lanka and India (Semifinalists)
    2000: New Zealand (Winner), India (Runners up), South Africa, Pakistan (Semifinalists)
    2002: India & Sri Lanka (Joint Winners), South Africa and Australia (Semifinalists)
    2004: West Indies (Winner), England (Runners up), Australia, Pakistan (Semifinalists)
    2006: Australia (Winner), West Indies (Runners up), South Africa, New Zealand (Semifinalists)
    2009: Australia (Winner), New Zealand (Runners up), Pakistan, England (Semifinalists)

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