2014 Hockey World Cup: Pool and Schedules

2014 Men’s Hockey World cup gets the winner after 38 matches, 30 of them will be played at Pool stages between the 6 teams each of Pool A and Pool B.

2014 Hockey World Cup for Men
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Hockey World Cup Pool Analysis: Group Toppers and Pool B Rule
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Pool A
Australia, England, Belgium, India, Spain, Malaysia
Pool B
Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Argentina, South Africa

Time: (IST:GMT+05:30)

    1. 31st May: 13:30 Australia vs Malaysia (Pool A)
    2. 31st May: 19:00 Belgium vs India (Pool A)
    3. 31st May: 20:30 England vs Spain (Pool A)
    4. 1st June: 13:30 Germany vs South Africa (Pool B)
    5. 1st June: 19:00 Netherlands vs Argentina (Pool B)
    6. 1st June: 20:30 New Zealand vs South Korea (Pool B)
    7. 2nd June: 13:30 Australia vs Spain (Pool A)
    8. 2nd June: 13:30 England vs India (Pool A)
    9. 2nd June: 13:30 Malaysia vs Belgium (Pool A)
    10 3rd June: 17:30 South Korea vs New Zealand (Pool B)
    11. 3rd June: 19:00 Germany vs Argentina (Pool B)
    12. 3rd June: 22:45 South Africa vs Netherlands (Pool B)
    13. 5th June: 16:00 England vs Malaysia (Pool A)
    14. 5th June: 19:00 Belgium vs Australia (Pool A)
    15. 5th June: 20:30 Spain vs India (Pool A)
    16. 6th June: 16:00 New Zealand vs Argentina (Pool B)
    17. 6th June: 20:30 South Korea vs South Africa (Pool B)
    18. 6th June: 22:45 Germany vs Netherlands (Pool B)
    19. 7th June: 16:00 Spain vs Belgium (Pool A)
    20. 7th June: 17:30 England vs Australia (Pool A)
    21. 7th June: 19:00 India vs Malaysia (Pool A)
    22. 8th June: 16:00 New Zealand vs Germany (Pool B)
    23. 8th June: 20:30 South Korea vs Argentina (Pool B)
    24. 8th June: 22:45 South Africa vs Netherlands (Pool B)
    25. 9th June: 16:00 Australia vs India (Pool A)
    26. 9th June: 17:30 Spain vs Malaysia (Pool A)
    27. 9th June: 22:45 England vs Belgium (Pool A)
    28. 10th June: 16:00 Argentina vs South Africa (Pool B)
    29. 10th June: 20:30 Germany vs South Korea (Pool B)
    30. 10th June: 22:45 New Zealand vs Netherlands (Pool B)

5th-12th Place Classification

    31. 11/12th 12th June 16:30 A6 vs B6
    32. 9/10th 14th June 11:30 A5 vs B5
    33. 7/8th 15th June 11:30 A4 vs B4
    34. 5/6th 15th June 13:45 A3 vs B3


    35: Semifinal 1 13 June 18:15 A1 vs B2
    36: Semifinal 2 13 June 21:00 B1 vs A2
    37. 3rd/4th Position: 15 June 16:00
    38. Final 15th June 18:15

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