History of Hockey World Cup

The Hockey World Cup is a gift to Hockey World from Pakistan. It is sad that since it’s inception for the first time Pakistan team failed to be part of the Hockey World Cup in 2014. Among the five countries that has dominated the World Cup history. Pakistan has won it the maximum four times. 2014 hosts, the Netherlands and defending champion Australia have won thrice, while Germany won twice. India won it once too. Overall 13 cities of 9 countries have hosted the World Cup in which 24 countries have participated in 13 editions, while only 5 have managed to win it. Check the story of it’s inception, details about trophy, who reached the semifinals, hosts, and other information.

2014 Hockey World Cup: Pool and Schedules
2014 Hockey World Cup: Squads
Previous Winners and Semifinalists

Inception of Hockey World Cup
On the suggestion of Air Marshal Nur Khan of Pakistan, FIH started the World Cup Hockey. Political instability stopped Pakistan from being the host, and Real Club de Polo grounds in Barcelona, Spain hosted the inaugural championship in 1971. Even the trophy was designed and created by Pakistanis. Bashir Moojid designed it and Pakistan Army created it.

From Wikipedia: The trophy consists of a silver cup with an intricate floral design, surmounted by a globe of the world in silver and gold, placed on a high blade base inlaid with ivory. At its peak is a model hockey stick and ball. Without its base, the trophy stands 120.85 mm (4.758 in) high. Including the base, the trophy stands 650 mm (26 in). It weighs 11,560 g (408 oz), including 895 g (31.6 oz) of gold, 6,815 g (240.4 oz) of silver, 350 g (12 oz) of ivory and 3,500 g (120 oz) of teak.
Courtsey: http://en.wikipedia.org

When It Happens
From 1982 the tournament had a four year duration, as in line with all the world cup events of other games. Before that after being held after two year gaps for first three events, the third event was held in 1978 after a gap of three years.

The participants in every World Cup varies. Generally it has been 12 participants who play the World Cup, irrespective of rankings. The hosts get direct entry, while other participants come from various qualification events held across the globe, with the effort to include participants from all continents.

24 Teams Participated, 7 Finalist, 11 Semifinalist
Overall 24 teams have qualified for different World Cup editions of Hockey.

    Pakistan: 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994.
    Netherlands: 1973, 1990, 1998
    Australia: 1986, 2010
    Germany: 2002, 2006
    India: 1975

Spain and England are the only other two teams to have reached the finals. Spain failed in 1971 and 1998, while England failed in 1986. Besides these 7 teams, South Korea (2002, 2006), Kenya (1971), Malaysia (1975) and Soviet Union (1986) have also reached the semifinal stage, but not the finals.

Maximum Appearances
Germany, Netherlands, Spain and India are the only countries to have participated in all the 13 events. Pakistan missed it first time in current edition, while Argentina missed it in 1998, Australia missed it in 1973 and England missed the inaugural championship.

    13 India, Germany, Netherlands, Spain
    12 Pakistan, Australia, England
    9 New Zealand
    7 Malaysia
    66 South Korea, Poland
    5 South Africa, Belgium, Canada
    4 Japan
    3 Soviet Union
    2 France, Ireland, Kenya
    1 Belarus, Cuba, Ghana, Italy

Host Nations and Success
9 Nations have hosted the tournament at 13 different cities. Kuala Lumpur is the only city to have hosted the tournament twice. India has hosted it at Bombay (1982) and New Delhi (2010). It will host the tournament again in 2018.
Netherlands have been the perfect hosts so far. They have won it twice as a host (1973, 1998). Germany is the other team to have won as a host (2006). Netherlands will host the tournament for the third time in 2014 and they are ranked No. 1 team too. As a host Pakistan (1990) and Spain (1971) finished as Runners up, while Australia (1994) finished third and Malaysia (1975) finished 4th.

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