World Cup Hockey: Winners and Semifinalists of Past

In the last 13 editions, from 1971 to 2014, World Cup Hockey has seen only 7 finalists, and 5 of them have won. Pakistan has won on maximum 4 occasions. Check the list of top four in every edition, and also some other interesting facts about the finals.

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Interesting Facts about World Cup Hockey Finals

    Pakistan has maximum 4 wins.
    Australia and Netherlands have 3 wins, and Germany has 2 wins.
    India has won once in 1975, finished 2nd in 1973 and third in 1971.
    1st time (2014) that Pakistan has not qualified for the event.
    Since 1975, India has never reached the semifinal.
    1973 and 1994 saw the final decided on Penalty Strokes.
    1998 saw finish of final in extra time as hosts Netherlands won against Spain.
    The only final where loser did not score a field goal was in 1971 when Pakistan def Spain 1-0.
    4-3 is the biggest goal fest for a World Cup final when Germany def Australia at home in 2006.
    The third place match has gone into extra time on 5 occasions.
    4-0 is the biggest margin in a third place match when in 1975 West Germany defeated Malaysia.
    Germany has reached the maximum top 4 with 11 such finishes. Only in 1971 they failed to reach the semifinal.
    Appearance in semifinals and above: 11 (Germany), 10 (Australia), 8 (Netherlands).
    4 Maximum time winner is Pakistan.
    3 Maximum time Runners up is Netherlands while 2 for Pakistan, Germany, Australia, Spain.
    4 Maximum Third place finish (Germany, Australia)
    3 Maximum 4th Place finish (Germany)

List of Top 4 at Every Edition

Year Host 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1971 Spain Pakistan Spain India Kenya
1973 Netherlands Netherlands India West Germany Pakistan
1975 Malaysia India Pakistan West Germany Malaysia
1978 Argentina Pakistan Netherlands Australia West Germany
1982 India Pakistan West Germany Australia Netherlands
1986 England Australia England West Germany Soviet Union
1990 Pakistan Netherlands Pakistan Australia Germany
1994 Australia Pakistan Netherlands Australia Germany
1998 Netherlands Netherlands Spain Germany Australia
2002 Malaysia Germany Australia Netherlands South Korea
2006 Germany Germany Australia Spain South Korea
2010 India Australia Germany Netherlands England
2014 Netherlands Australia Netherlands Argentina England

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