Hockey World Cup Pool Analysis: Group Toppers and Pool B Rule

The first four champions were from Pool B, overall there are 7 champions from Pool B and 6 from Pool A. On 4 occasions the group topper could not win the tournament. Pakistan won after finishing behind Spain in Pool B in 1971, while all the 3 wins of Netherlands have come when they finished 2nd in their group. In fact when in 1994 they topped the group, they could not win the tournament. In half of the editions so far, the pool toppers have reached the finals too. Can 2014 World Cup be the first such event where the finalists comprise of a pool topper and a runners up from other pool!!

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In the previous 12 editions, none of the final was played between a pool topper of one pool and a runners up of other pool. While on 3 occasions both the group toppers failed to reach the final, and on other 3 occasions both the finalists belonged to the same pool, on remaining 6 occasions both the group toppers clashed in the final, and since the last three world cups the group toppers and finalists are Germany and Australia only.

When both the finalists belonged to the same Pool

    1971 Pakistan, Spain were from Pool B.
    1978 Pakistan, Netherlands were from Pool B.
    1982 Pakistan, West Germany were from Pool A.

When both the Pool Toppers failed to reach the Final

    1973 India vs Netherlands
    1990 Netherlands vs Pakistan
    1998 Netherlands vs Spain

When the final was played between Pool Toppers

    1975 India vs Pakistan
    1986 Australia vs England
    1994 Pakistan, Netherlands
    2002, 2006, 2010 Germany vs Australia

Champion (Pool Name)

Year Pool A Leader Pool B Leader Champion
1971 India Spain Pakistan (B)
1973 Germany Pakistan Netherlands (B)
1975 Pakistan India India (B)
1978 Australia Pakistan Pakistan (B)
1982 Pakistan Australia Pakistan (A)
1986 England Australia Australia (B)
1990 Australia Germany Netherlands (A)
1994 Pakistan Netherlands Pakistan (A)
1998 Germany Australia Netherlands (A)
2002 Germany Australia Germany (A)
2006 Australia Germany Germany (B)
2010 Germany Australia Australia (B)

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