1934 Football World Cup: Hosts Italy Win, 3 Hattricks Scored

The tournament accepted teams only based on qualification and out of 32 nations, 16 teams participated. Italy became the host ahead of Sweden. The tournament was a complete knockout event and the all the eight quarterfinalists for the only time belonged to Europe. 17 matches saw 70 goals scored. The tournament was played in knockout format and another host, Italy won.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
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Tournament Facts

    Host: Italy
    Matches: 17
    Goals: 70
    Hattricks: Schiavio (Italy vs USA), Conen (Germany vs Belgium) – 1st Round, Nejedly (Czechoslovakia vs Germany in SF)
    Extra Time: Aus vs France (1st R), Italy vs Spain (QF), Italy vs Czechoslovakia in FINAL)
    Replay of Match: 1 Italy vs Spain in QF

Tournament Statistics

    1. Schiavio (Italy vs USA) scored hattrick
    2. Nejedly (Czechoslovakia vs Germany) scored hattrick in SF.
    3. 5 goals made Nejedly (Czechoslovakia) the highest goal scorer.

First Round

    1. Italy def USA 7-1
    2. Spain def Brazil 3-1
    3. Austria def France 3-2 (Extra time)
    4. Hungary def Egypt 4-2
    5. Czechoslovakia def Romania 2-1
    6. Switzerland def Netherlands 3-2
    7. Germany def Belgium 5-2
    8. Sweden def Argentina 3-2

Quarter Finals

    9. Italy def Spain 1-0 after replay
    10. Austria def Hungary 2-1
    11. Czechoslovakia def Switzerland 3-2
    12. Germany def Sweden 2-1

Semis and Final

    13. SF1: Italy def Austria 1-0
    14. SF2: Czechoslovakia def Germany 3-1
    15. 3rd Place: Germany def Austria 3-2
    16. Final: Italy def Czechoslovakia 2-1 (Extra time)

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