1938 Football World Cup: Italy Wins Again, Contrasting Hattricks in Matches

Held in France from 4th-19th June, saw Italy winning the title second time. Argentina and Germany also were part of bidding. The tournament was played for the second consecutive time in Europe, making South America unhappy. As a result Uruguay and Argentina boycotted, while Spain was blocked for participating in war. This also started a trend where title holders were given automatic entry that continued till 2006, besides the host. Dutch East Indies became the first team to represent Asia, while only Brazil and Cuba besides Asia participated in tournament. It was again a knockout tournament.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
History of All Previous Editions

Tournament Facts

    Host: France
    Matches: 18
    Goals Scored: 84
    Format: Knockout
    Hattricks: Wilimowski (4 goals for Poland), Leonidas (3 for Brazil) in the same match of 1st Round, Anderson and Wetterstrom (for Sweden vs Cuba) in QF
    Extra Time: Italy vs Norway, Czechoslovakia vs Netherlands (1st R)
    Replay of Match: Switzerland vs Germany, Cuba vs Romania (1st R), Brazil vs Czechoslovakia (QF)

Tournament Statistics

    1. 7 goals: Leonidas of Brazil became the highest goal scorer.
    2. Own Goals: Sven Jacobsson (Sweden vs Hungary), Ernst Lortscher (Switzerland vs Germany)
    3. 4 goals in a match by Wilimowski (Poland)
    4. Double hattricks in a match: Players from opposite team (Brazil vs Poland), Players from same team (Sweden vs Cuba)

1st Round

    1. Italy def Norway 2-1 (Extra Time)
    2. France def Belgium 3-1
    3. Brazil def Poland 6-5 (Extra time)
    4. Czechoslovakia def Netherlands 3-0 (Extra time)
    5. Hungary def Dutch East Indies 6-0
    6. Switzerland def Germany 4-2 (Replayed match after 1-1 draw)
    7. Sweden was given walkover by Austria (Could not participate)
    8. Cuba def Romania 2-1 (After replay due to 3-3 draw)


    9. Italy def France 3-1
    10. Brazil def Czechoslovakia 2-1 (After replay due to 1-1 draw)
    11. Hungary def Switzerland 2-0
    12. Sweden def Cuba 8-0

Semis and finals

    13. SF1: Italy def Brazil 2-1
    14. SF2: Hungary def Sweden 5-1
    15. 3rd Place: Brazil def Sweden 4-2
    16. Final: Italy def Hungary 4-2

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