1990 Football World Cup: Germany Avenges Defeat in Repeat of 86 Final

Italy hosted the 14th FIFA World Cup and Germany became the third nation after Brazil and Italy to complete a treble of World Cup wins as it avenged 1986 final defeat against Maradona’s Argentina. 116 teams from all 6 continents participated in the qualification round resulting into 22 teams getting qualified, besides the host and the defending champion. Cameroon became the first African country to reach the quarterfinal.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
History of All Previous Editions

Tournament Facts

    Host: Italy
    Matches: 52
    Goals Scored: 115
    Format: Group and Knockout
    Hattricks: Míchel (Spain def South Korea) at Group, Skuhravý (Czechoslovakia def Costa Rica) at Round of 16
    Extra Time: 8
    Penalty Shoot: 3
    Official Match Ball: Adidas Etrusco Unico
    Official Mascot: Ciao, a stick figure player with a football head and an Italian tricolor body that stands for an Italian greeting.

Tournament Statistics

    1. 2.21 goal per match is the lowest of any World Cup.
    2. 16 red cards, a record, handed out, one of them was in the final.
    3. Argentina’s Pedro Monzon became the first player to be sent off by Red card in a World Cup final.
    4. Most watched events in television history till then.
    5. 6 goals made Salvatore Schillaci (Italy) the highest goal scorer.
    6. Golden Ball: Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)
    7. Fair Play Award: England
    8. West German manager Franz Beckenbauer became the only man to both captain (in 1974) and be the manager of a World Cup winning team, and only the second man (after Mário Zagallo of Brazil) to win the World Cup as a player and as team manager.
    9. Both semifinals were decided on penalties.


    Group A: Italy, Czechoslovakia, Austria, United States
    Group B: Cameroon, Romania, Argentina, Soviet Union
    Group C: Brazil, Costa Rica, Scotland, Sweden
    Group D: West Germany, Yugoslavia, Colombia, United Arab Emirates
    Group E: Spain, Belgium, Uruguay, South Korea
    Group F: England, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Egypt

Group A

    1. Italy def Austria 1-0
    2. Czechoslovakia def USA 5-1
    3. Italy def USA 1-0
    4. Czechoslovakia def Austria 1-0
    5. Austria def USA 2-1
    6. Italy def Czechoslovakia 2-0

Group B

    1. Cameroon def Argentina 1-0
    2. Romania def Soviet Union 2-0
    3. Argentina def Soviet Union 2-0
    4. Cameroon def Romania 2-1
    5. Argentina def Romania 1-1
    6. Soviet Union def Cameroon 4-0

Group C

    1. Brazil def Sweden 2-1
    2. Costa Rica def Scotland 1-0
    3. Brazil def Costa Rica 1-0
    4. Scotland def Sweden 2-1
    5. Brazil def Scotland 1-0
    6. Costa Rica def Sweden 2-1

Group D

    1. Colombia def UAE 2-0
    2. West Germany def Yugoslavia 4-1
    3. Yugoslavia def Colombia 1-0
    4. West Germany def UAE 5-1
    5. West Germany drew Colombia 1-1
    6. Yugoslavia def UAE 4-1

Group E

    1. Belgium def South Korea 2-0
    2. Uruguay drew Spain 0-0
    3. Belgium def Uruguay 3-1
    4. Spain def South Korea 3-1
    5. Spain def Belgium 2-1
    6. Uruguay def South Korea 1-0

Group F

    1. England drew Republic of Ireland 1-1
    2. Netherlands drew Egypt 1-1
    3. England drew Netherlands 0-0
    4. Republic of Ireland drew Egypt 0-0
    5. England def Egypt 1-0
    6. Republic of Ireland drew Netherlands 1-1

Round of 16

    1. Cameroon def Colombia 2-1 (Extra Time)
    2. Czechoslovakia def Costa Rica 4-1
    3. Argentina def Brazil 1-0
    4. West Germany def Netherlands 2-1
    5. Republic of Ireland def Romania 5-4 (0-0) Penalties
    6. Italy def Uruguay 2-0
    7. Yugoslavia def Spain 2-0 (Extra Time)
    8. England def Belgium 1-0 (Extra Time)

Maradona missed the goal in penalty shoot.

    1. Argentina def Yugoslavia 3-2 (0-0) Penalties
    2. Italy def Republic of Ireland 1-0
    3. West Germany def Czechoslovakia 1-0
    4. England def Cameroon 3-2 (Extra Time)

Semis and Final

    1. SF1: Argentina def Italy 4-3 (1-1) Penalties
    2. SF2: West Germany def England 4-3 (1-1) Penalties
    3. 3rd Place: Italy def England 2-1
    4. Final: West Germany def Argentina 1-0

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