FIFA World Cup 2014: Can Ecuador Deny Switzerland Chance to Join France!!

Group E has seen high scoring. In 4 matches the four teams have produced 16 goals, the highest by any group. France leads with 2 wins and a goal difference of +6. But a heavy defeat against Ecuador and big win by Switzerland can knock them out. But, overall France looks through to next round by their performance so far. Ecuador and Switzerland need big wins to knock each other out in the race for second position. If Ecuador loses, then even Honduras can fancy their chances. But, on current form Group E is all set to send both the European countries to the next round.

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Journey so Far of Group F Teams
France leads with 6 points. Ecuador and Switzerland are tied at 3 points but Ecuador is ahead on goal difference. All the four teams have chance to qualify, and be knocked out too.
Special Scenario

    If France def Ecuador, and Honduras wins at least by 3 goals, then Ecuador and Switzerland can be knocked out.

General Scenarios

    France just needs a draw to top the group.
    Ecuador needs a win that is bigger than the win that Switzerland can achieve. Same true for Switzerland.
    Honduras needs to win with a good margin against Switzerland, and then would need Ecuador to lose against France.

History of Group D Teams in First Round

    Ecuador qualified to Round 2 in 2006, but failed in 2002.
    France has reached 2nd round 5 times last 13 editions.
    Switzerland could not reach 2nd round in 2010, only third time after 1962 and 1966 World Cup in their 9 appearances at World Cup.
    Honduras has never reached 2nd round in last 2 appearances in 1982 and 2010.

NewsChoupal Verdict

    The group poses the most open and complex situation as even till the last match all the four teams can technically qualify and be knocked out too. Ecuador and Switzerland can knockout current leader France if they win with a good margin, practically impossible for Ecuador though considering France has won their last 7 international matches and even in the group they have a goal difference of +6. A narrow defeat or draw will leave France on top.

    Benzema of France and Valencia of Ecuador have scored 3 goals each in 2 matches. But, France has 5 goal scorers so far, while Ecuador has only one. That leaves France as the favorite to win the match and finish on top.

    That leaves the competition for second place between Ecuador and the competitors of next match. Switzerland just need to do better than what Ecuador does against France. In all probability a win even by slender margin is enough for them to reach second round. Being tied with Ecuador at 3 points, and lagging behind by 2 goals on goal difference, they need to draw or win. But if Ecuador loses then the match will be do or die battle even for Honduras. They have not won any match. But a win can level them with Switzerland and Ecuador on 3 points. And 2 goal margin win would take them above Switzerland and if Ecuador also loses by a margin of 3 goals, Honduras could be the surprise qualifier. But that will be as good as a dream come true.

    Overall it appears, Switzerland will get better of Honduras and Group E will send two European teams to the next round.

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