FIFA World Cup 3rd Position Match: Brazil vs Netherlands

In 11 semifinal attempts, Brazil failed fourth time to reach the final. They failed in 1938, 1974 and 1978. In 1938 and 1978 they won the third place matches, while in 1974 they finished fourth. Netherlands on the other hand reached their 5th semifinal and failed to reach the final only 2nd time. Loss against Brazil has stopped them from reaching the final in 1998. With 4 goals being the average of third position matches, Brazil and Netherlands could make it a mouth watering match for the goal lovers. The only question is whether the hosts can win again against Netherlands while playing for pride!!

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Netherlands does not appear much enthusiastic about the third place match, while the problems for Brazil still remain the same as they were when they were mauled by Germany in the semifinal. Their cannot be miracles happening to defence and attack is clueless as well. Netherlands on the other hand appear better at both front. Although their coach expressed in clear words that his match is not required, but as per rules they will have to play. Brazilians are playing for pride, Netherlands are playing just because the rules demand it. By team performances so far, Netherlands appear the team to bid goodbye to World Cup 2014 with a win.

The biggest boost for Brazil is that Netherlands have failed to score a single goal in the quarter final and semifinals despite scoring 12 goals in first 4 matches till Round of 16. Brazil may use that as opportunity to end the tournament with pride.

Head to Head Record
World Cup Matches
Brazil and Netherlands played in 4 World Cups.
In 1974 Netherlands won 2-0 at the group stage of qualifying 2nd round that pushed Brazil to play for third place and sent Netherlands to the final.
In 1994, Brazil knocked out Netherlands in the Quarter final with 3-2 win.
In 1998, Brazil knocked out Netherlands in the semifinal winning by 4-2 on penalties after playing 1-1 draw till extra time.
In 2010, Netherlands knocked Brazil out with 2-1 winning during the quarterfinal.

    Played: 4
    Brazil: 2
    Netherlands: 2
    Draw: 0
    Goals: Brazil 5, Netherlands: 7

Overall Matches

    Played: 11
    Brazil: 4
    Netherlands: 3
    Draw: 4

Netherlands: 1 loss for 3rd Position Match
1998 World Cup is the only time in 4 attempts when Netherlands failed to reach the final. Brazil defeated them in the semifinal on penalties after scoring a goal each. Kluivert equalised for Netherlands as Ronaldo’s goal has put Brazil in lead at the start of second half. In penalties Brazil won 4-2, not needing the 5th hit.

For third place Netherlands met Croatia, and lost even that match finishing 4th. Croatia won 2-1. Zenden scored for Netherlands.

Brazil: 2 wins and 1 loss for Third Position Match
In 1938 Italy defeated them 2-1 in the semifinal. Brazil finished third defeated Sweden 4-2 with 2 goals from Leonidas and 1 goal each from Romeu and Peracio.

In 1974, they finished second behind Netherlands at 2nd Round Group Stage, winning two and losing one, qualifying for the the third position match where they met Poland. At qualification group stage, they defeated East Germany 1-0 and Argentina 2-1 but lost 2-0 to Netherlands.

For third position match, Poland returning to World Cup after 1938, got better of them by 1-0. Interestingly, in the debut and also the last match of Poland at World Cup in 1938, Brazil had knocked them out winning the 1st Round knockout match 6-5. That was the debut and last match of Poland at World Cup. It is the only match of World Cup so far, where hattricks were scored by both the teams. For Poland Wilimowski scored 4 goals, while for Brazil Leonidas scored the hattrick.

In 1978, Brazil finished behind Argentina in the 2nd Round at Group B with 2 wins and a draw and qualified to play third position match with Italy which they won 2-1. At 2nd Round Brazil def Peru 3-0, had a goalless draw with the hosts Argentina, and defeated Poland 3-1. They met Italy for the third position match.

With goals from Nelinho and Dirceu they finished third winning 2-1.

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