FIFA World Cup Third Place Match: 17 Games, 68 Goals Scored

The Dutch coach, Van Gaal may have found many supporters by saying that third place match one does not want to play. Still it is a match the semifinal losers must play just for filling the rank. In a situation where Brazil is as a host, some do play it for pride. Overall in FIFA World Cup, except the inaugural 1930 World Cup and 1950 World Cup when round robin matches decided the winner, remaining 17 editions have played match to decide the third place. With 4 goals per matches average, third place matches where teams play without any inhibition has been the highest goal scoring phase of World Cup. Germany leads the rest even in third place match records.

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Statistics for 3rd Place Match

    19 teams have played the 3rd place match so far in 18 of the 20 editions that had a knockout match for it.
    5 Times is the maximum that a team (Germany) has played.
    4 times maximum a team (Germany) has won 3rd place.
    Poland won both the times it played.
    Uruguay lost both the times it played.
    68 goals scored in 17 matches of 3rd place in 19 editions. Only one match (1986 World Cup) has went to extra time.
    Only three matches (1962, 1970 and 1974 World Cups) have produced one goal per match. Rest of the matches have produced minimum 3 goals.
    6-3 (1958 France def Germany) saw the biggest goal feast ever seen in 3rd place match.
    4-0 (1994 Sweden def Bulgaria) is the biggest goal margin in a World Cup.
    4 Goals by Just Fontaine is the only hattrick of 3rd place match.
    1930 World Cup had no plans for third place match.
    1950 World Cup had no scope for official third place match due to Round Robin format.

Teams Playing 3rd Place Match
Teams Till 2014 World Cup:

    5: Germany
    4: Brazil
    3: France, Uruguay
    2: Poland, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands
    1: Chile, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, South Korea


    4: Germany
    2: Brazil, Poland, France
    1: Austria, Chile, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey


    2: Uruguay
    1: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, Soviet Union, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Uruguay

Third Position Matches and Results

    1934: USA ahead of Yugoslavia due to overall record in tournament
    1934: Germany defeated Austria 3-2
    1938: Brazil def Sweden 4-2
    1950: Sweden ahead of Spain due to 3-1 at Round Robin)
    1954: Austria def Uruguay 3-1
    1958: France def Germany 6-3
    1962: Chile def Yugoslavia 1-0
    1966: Portugal def Soviet Union 2-1
    1970: Germany def Uruguay 1-0
    1974: Poland def Brazil 1-0
    1978: Brazil def Italy 2-1
    1982: Poland def France 3-2
    1986: France def Belgium 4-2
    1990: Italy def England 2-1
    1994: Sweden def Bulgaria 4-0
    1998: Croatia def Netherlands 2-1
    2002: Turkey def South Korea 3-2
    2006: Germany def Portugal 3-1
    2010: Germany def Uruguay 3-2
    2014: Brazil vs Netherlands

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