Indian Men’s and Women’s Kabaddi Teams Are World Champions Again

The Indians feel proud over the achievement of Men’s and Women’s Kabaddi Team who have attained the status of being invincible after winning the World Cup again. On Saturday, playing the World Cup, Indian Men’s won the 5th consecutive title and Women’s won the third consecutive Title. Indian Men and Women teams have never lost any World Cup or any other major championship. Pakistan and controversy cannot be separated and even this World Cup has two controversies, and in both Pakistan plays the key role.

Indian Men’s defeated Pakistan in the second consecutive World Cup finals. It was close as Pakistan led almost till the last minute. But the Champion Indian team knew how to grab the cup and shocked Pakistan in the last 2 minutes winning 45-42, coming from 4 points behind.

Indian Women’s Team also achieved the repeat of last year as they again defeated New Zealand in the finals. Indian women won 36-27.

The 12-day event saw 11 participating teams for Men’s and 8 for Women’s. Punjab hosted the tournament at Gurdaspur, Dhudike, Rupnagar, Ludhiana, Tarn Taran, Hoshiarpur, Sultanpur Lodhi, Nabha, Fazilka, Amritsar, Dirba, Barnala and Sri Muktsar Sahib.

Men’s Results:
Pool Stage:
India won all the four matches while Iran won 3 to qualify for the semifinals from Pool A.
• India def Spain 51-38
• India def USA 59-29
• India def Iran 59-39
• India def Australia 45-23

Pakistan won all the 5 matches and England won 4 matches to qualify for the semifinals from Pool B. Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Argentina were other participants in Pool B.
Knockout Results
• Semifinals: India def England 54-33
• Pakistan def Iran 56-28.
• 3rd Position: Iran def England 48-31
• Final: India def Pakistan 45-42

Women’s Results:
Pool Stage:
Indian women won all the three matches and Denmark won 2 matches to qualify for the semifinals from Pool A.
• India def USA 56-15
• India def Denmark 50-16
• India def Azerbaijan 47-16

New Zealand won all the three matches and Pakistan woman won 2 matches to qualify for the semifinals from Pool B.
Knockout Results:
• Semifinal: India def Pakistan 47-19
• New Zealand def Denmark 41-20
• 3rd Position: Pakistan def Denmark 38-28
• Final: India def New Zealand 36-27.

• The tournament was marred by two controversies. England Women’s team officially lodged complaint to conduct Gender test on 3 players from Pakistan.
• Pakistan Men’s Team cried foul after losing the final against India.

What more the Kabaddi Teams need to do to get the attention of The Indians!!

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