1928 Olympics: Indian Hockey Announces Arrival, First Gold for India

The biggest colonial power of that era, Great Britain refused to participate in Hockey, reportedly to avoid defeat against its colony, India, which earned its first Olympic Gold medal with astonishing performance from its Men’s Hockey team. The great saga of Indian Hockey at Olympics eclipsing the world, just began at Amsterdam.

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Olympics Statistics

    Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Sports: 109 in 14 sports
    Participating Nations: 46
    Athletes Participating: 2,883 (2,606 men, 277 women)

Indian Statistics

    India Ranking: 24
    Flag Bearer: None
    Indian Team: 21 Athletes (No Female)
    Sports-India: Athletics, Hockey

Athletics: 7 Athletes in 9 events

    S. Abdul Hamid: Round one in Men’s 110 metres Hurdles, 400 metres Hurdles
    R. Burns: Round one in Men’s 100 metres, 200 m
    J. Murphy: Round 1 in Men’s 800 metres
    Chavan Singh: Did not Finish in Men’s 10,000 metres
    Gurbachan Singh: Round 1 in Men’s 5,000 metres
    James Hall: Quarter-Finals in Men’s 400 metres, Round 1 in 200m
    Dalip Singh: 37th in Men’s Long Jump Qualifying Round

Hockey: Gold Medal by Team of 14 members

    GoalKeeper: Richard Allen
    Eric Pinniger, Dhyan Chand (22 years), Shaukat Ali, Michael Gateley, Willie Goodsir-Cullen, Defender: Leslie Hammond, Feroze Khan, George Marthins, Rex Norris, Michael Rocque, Frederick Seaman, Jaipal Singh, Sayed Yusuf

Indian Hockey Performances

    Placed in Group A with Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria, the Indian team scored 26 goals in 4 wins without conceding any goal winning all four. In the Final it defeated Netherlands 3-0 to win a title without conceding any goal. Germany won the Bronze defeating Belgium 3-0.

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