1974 Asian Games: Indians win 28 Medals to Finish 7th

As Tehran hosted the most advanced Asian Games ever with maximum participants and live broadcast on television for the first time, Indians won 4 Gold medals, 12 Silver and 12 Bronze medals to finish 7th in 1974 Asian Games. Indians won first medal in Badminton.

Indian History at Every Asian Games: 1951, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970
Indian Medal Winners at Asian Games: 1951, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1974, 2014
Indian Performance at Asian Games in Different Sports

Asian Games 1974 Statistics

    Nations: 25
    Sports: 16 (Fencing, gymnastics and women’s basketball made debut)
    Events: 200
    Competitors: 3010
    Winner: Japan
    India: 7th
    Indian Contingent:
    Medals: 609 medals (202 gold, 199 silver and 208 bronze)
    Countries Winning Medals: 10

With 4 Gold, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze Indians finished third in Athletics.

Indian Men’s team won first medal at Asian Games as they won Bronze medal.

Indians won 3 Silver and 2 Bronze to finish 5th.

Indians won Silver medal. They drew with Pakistan at Group and both were tied on points too. In a PlayOff to decide Gold medal winner, Indians lost to Pakistan. Indians had +24 Goal difference with 25 goals scored and 1 goal conceded at Group stage.
Ind def Sri Lanka 7-0
def Japan 3-0
def Iran 12-0
def Malaysia 2-0
drew Pak 1-1
Play off to decide Gold: Lost to Pakistan 0-2

Squad: Vasudevan Baskaran, John Correia, Leslie Fernandez, M. P. Ganesh, B. P. Govinda, Aslam Sher Khan, Mehboob Khan, Ashok Kumar, K. N. Kusha, Victor John Phillips, Ajit Singh, Ajit Pal Singh, Baldev Singh, Chand Singh, Harcharan Singh, Harmik Singh, Surjeet Singh, Varinder Singh

Indians lost all three matches at Group stage.
Lost to Iran 0-3
Lost to China 1-7
Lost to North Korea 1-4
Rajvi scored two goals for India.

Indians won a Silver and a Bronze to finish 6th as Karni Singh won both the medals.

Indian Squad: Sharad Chauhan (Air Pistol, Center fire pistol, Standard pistol, Free pistol)
Karni Singh (Trap, Skeet)

Indian team finished third at Group B behind China and Iran, winning 3 and losing 2. Indian Men’s team defeated China (2-1), Kuwait (3-0), and Iraq (3-0), but lost to Iran (1-2) and Thailand (1-2).

Indian Men’s team finished 5th. At Group A, they finished third winning against Philippines (3-1) but losing to Japan (0-3) and China (0-3). In 5th-8th Classification, they first defeated Kuwait 3-0 and then Philippines (3-1).

Water polo
Indian Men’s team finished 6th among 7 teams, winning against Kuwait (12-4) and losing to Iran (6-18), China (2-17), Singapore (7-12), Japan (2-14) and North Korea (0-7).

+110 Kg Dalbir Singh finished 5th.

Indians won 4 Bronze medals to finish 5th.

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