Indians Win 51 Medals at 1951 Asian Games

The first Asian Games was hosted by New Delhi from March 4-11. As New Delhi hosted the first Asian Games, the hosts Indians finished second behind Japan to win 51 medals. Indians participated in all 6 Sports. Check results by each sports.

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Asian Games 1951 Statistics

    Nations: 11
    Sports: 6
    Events: 57
    Competitors: 489
    Winner: Japan
    India: 2nd
    Indian Contingent: 151
    Medals: 169 medals (57 gold, 57 silver and 55 bronze)
    Countries Winning Medals: 8

52 member Indian Athletics Squad finished second behind Japan with 10 Gold, 12 Silver and 12 Bronze. 11 Countries participated in the Sports.

Indians finished 4th among 5 teams. They won against Burma 50-47 and lost to Philippines, Japan and Iran.

Indians competed with Japan in 4 events to win a Silver and 2 Bronze.

3-member squad of Indians won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze to beat Iran as KP Thakkar won both Gold medals.

Football: Indians won the Men’s Team Gold Medal
Each game was played for 60 minutes. Without conceding a goal, Indians scored 3 each against Indonesia (QF), Afghanistan (SF) and solitary winning goal against Iran (Final).
Sahu Mewalal with 4 goals became the highest goal scorer of event. Pansanttom Venkatesh scored 2 and Santosh Nandy scored 1 goal.

Squad: Berland Anthony, Syed Khwaja Azizuddin, A. M. Bachan, Sunil Chatterjee, Abhoy Ghosh, D. N. Devine Jones, Ahmed Mohammed Khan, G. Y. S. Laiq, Sheikh Abdul Latif, Loganathan, Sailen Manna, Sahu Mewalal, Noor Mohammed, Santosh Nandy, Chandan Singh Rawat, P. B. A. Saleh, Madar Abdus Sattar, T. Shanmugham, Runu Guha Thakurta, K. L. Varadaraj, T. M. Varghese, Pansanttom Venkatesh

Indians finished third with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze. Sachin Nag became the first Indian athlete to win Individual Gold Medal at Asian Games.

Water polo
Indians defeated Singapore 6-4 to win Gold medal as only two teams participated.
Indian Squad: Jahar Ahir, Ganesh Das, D. Daver, R. Dean, I. Mansoor, G. Rattansey, Kanti Shah

Indians finished third with a Silver and a Bronze.

    Dandamudi Rajagopal Heavyweight (+90 kg)
    Kamineni Eswara Rao (IND) 90 kg
    JD Telang and NK Nair 82.5 kg
    BN Ghosh, Daniel Pon Mani 67.5 kg
    SG Sethuraman 60 kg
    R Desai, VW Phenany 56 KG

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