Netherlands – The WERELDKAMPIOEN

With 8th title in 14 editions, Netherlands – the Queen of Women’s Hockey World Cup – defends the crown again. In the battle for best second, Women’s Hockey World saw a new 2nd best team in Ireland, who also became the only team in any SPORTS from their nation to reach a World Cup final. Apart from multiple new records and achievements of Netherlands, Women’s Hockey World Cup 2018 will be remembered for the unprecedented upsets where 2nd lowest team, Ireland won Silver and 11th seed Spain bagged Bronze. Check some of the key records of the 14th edition.

Netherlands: The Undisputed Queen of Women’s Hockey World Cup
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New Records in Women’s Hockey World Cup 2018

    8th title for Netherlands.
    35 Goals by Netherlands is a new record by one team in World Cup.
    6 goals is the biggest margin of win in the finals and semifinals of all 14 editions.
    6 goals equalized maximum goals scored in final and semifinals. (4-2 by Netherlands vs Canada in 1983 final and 5-1 by Soviet Union for Bronze in 1981)
    7+ Goals in three consecutive matches by Netherlands is a new World Cup record.
    12-1 (Netherlands vs Italy) is the biggest win in World Cup. 10-1 by Germany vs Nigeria is the second biggest win.
    3rd time Netherlands has retained the title. Australia has retained once.

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