42nd Chess Olympiad: Results of Indian Women in Every Round

With 2410 rating, Indian Women team is ranked 5th at Chess Olympiad 2016 behind China (2528), Russia (2493), Ukraine (2485) and Georgia (2474). Indian women team won third consecutive match to move tho third place behind France and Russia in third round. After two consecutive draws in 4th and 5th round, they registered another win in 6th round to reach 5th position after 6 rounds. Defeat in Round 7 pushed them to 13th place. Win in Round 8 brought them to 7th. Big win in Round 9 gets them to 5th. Draw in penultimate Round 10 made medal hope slimmer. Check the individual match results and overall Indian results in Women’s section of 2016 Chess Olympiad.

Russia, China and Azerbaijan 1 remain the only undefeated teams after Round 7. They have won 5 and drew 2. Indian Women have won 4 drew 2 and lost 1.

Indian Women Team

    Captain Sareen Vishal (IM) 2346
    Harika Dronavalli (GM) 2542
    Padmini Rout (IM) 2415
    Soumya Swaminathan (WGM) 2370
    Tania Sachdev (IM) 2396
    Pratyusha Bodda (WIM) 2329

Daily Results: Women’s Section, Open Section
History of Chess Olympiad Open Section
Indian Results for Every Rounds: Open Section

Result of India’s 1st Round Match: Ind def Macedonia 4-0

    Padmini Rout (White) – def Monika
    Tania Sachdev (Black) – def Bojana
    Soumya Swaminathan (White) – def Dragana
    Pratyusha Bodda (Black) – def Simona

Result of India’s 2nd Round Match: India def Brazil 3-1

    Harika Dronavalli (Black) – lost to Terao
    Tania Sachdev (White) – def Alboredo
    Soumya Swaminathan (Black) – def Chang
    Pratyusha Bodda (White) – def Librelato

Result of India’s 3rd Round Match: India def Philippines 3.5-0.5

    Harika Dronavalli (Black) drew Frayne
    Padmini Rout (White) – def Fronda
    Tania Sachdev (White) – def Bernales
    Soumya Swaminathan (Black) – def Secopito

Result of India’s 4th Round Match: India drew Israel 2-2

    Harika Dronavalli (Black) drew Yuliya
    Padmini Rout (White) – lost to Marsel
    Tania Sachdev (White) – def Masha
    Soumya Swaminathan (Black) – drew Olga

Result of India’s 5th Round Match: India drew Vietnam 2-2

    Harika, Dronavalli (Black) drew Pham, Le Thao Nguyen
    Padmini, Rout (White) def Hoang, Thi Bao Tram
    Tania, Sachdev (Black) lost to Nguyen, Thi Mai Hung
    Soumya, Swaminathan (White) drew Nguyen, Thi Thanh An

Result of India’s 6th Round Match: def Latvia 2.5-1.5

    Harika (White) def Reizniece
    Padmini Rout (Black) drew Rugule
    Tania Sachdeva (White) lost to Berzina
    Soumya (Black) def Erneste

Result of India’s 7th Round Match: Lost to Azerbaijan 1 1.5-2.5

    Harika, Dronavalli (Black) drew Mamedjarova
    Padmini, Rout (White) lost to Mammadzada
    Tania, Sachdev (Black) lost to Mammadova, G.
    Soumya, Swaminathan (White) def Hojjatova, A.

Result of India’s 8th Round Match: def Uzbekistan 2.5-1.5

    Harika, Dronavalli (Black) def Muminova
    Padmini, Rout (White) drew Tokhirjonova
    Soumya, Swaminathan (Black) drew Kurbonboeva
    Pratyusha Bodda (White) drew Nadirjanova

Indian Women’s Team Result of Round 9: def Netherlands 4-0

    Harika (White) def Zhaoqin
    Padmini Rout (Black) def Anne
    Tania Sachdeva (White) def Anna-Maja
    Soumya (Black) def Maaike

Indian Women’s Team Result of Round 10: drew 2-2 with Ukraine

    Harika (White) drew A Muzychuk
    Padmini Rout (Black) drew M Muzychuk
    Tania Sachdeva (White) def Zhukova
    Soumya (Black) lost to Ushenina

Indian Women’s Team Result of Round 11: drew 2-2 with USA

    Harika (White) drew Irina
    Padmini Rout (Black) lost to Paikidze
    Tania Sachdeva (White) def Zatonskih
    Soumya (Black) drew Nemcova

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