Commonwealth Games 2010: Sports and Events

Delhi, India: The 19th Commonwealth Games of 2010, hosted by Delhi will host 260 events of 17 sports. Tennis will be introduced as new game, whereas Kabaddi will be a demonstration event. Here is the list of the sports and number of events scheduled for each sports.

Sports (Number of Events) Event Dates
Aquatics 4th-13th October

    Synchronised swimming

Archery (8) 4th – 10th Oct
Athletics (46) 6th-12th Oct and 14th Oct
Badminton (6) 4th-12th Oct and 14th Oct
Boxing (11) 5th-11th Oct and 13th Oct
Cycling 5th – 8th Oct, 10th and 13th Oct


Gymnastics 4th-8th Oct, 12th-14th Oct

    Artistic gymnastics
    Rhythmic gymnastics

Hockey 4-13 Oct

    Men’s Team
    Women’s Team

Lawn bowls (6) 4-13 Oct
Netball (1) 4-12 Oct and 14 Oct
Rugby sevens (1) 11-12 Oct
Shooting (44) 5-13 Oct
Squash (5) 4-13 Oct
Table tennis (7) 4-13 Oct
Tennis (5) 4-10 Oct
Weightlifting (15) 4-12 Oct
Wrestling (21) 5-10 Oct

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