Pakistan’s Top 10 Lowest Test Total

Birmingham, England: With 72 runs score in first inning of 2nd test against England, Pakistan has scored their 4th lowest total in their cricket history. Australia and England have been their historical nemesis.

This was not the first incidence when they have scored two lowest scores within such short span. In fact, against Australia in 2002 they were bowled out twice on same day on their two lowest scores. In 1954 also, against England they provided two instances of lowest scores in the same series.

List of Top Ten Lowest Totals

    53 Australia Sharjah Oct 2002
    59 Australia Sharjah Oct 2002
    62 Australia Perth Nov 1981
    72 England Birmingham Aug 2010
    72 Australia Perth Dec 2004
    77 West Indies Lahore Nov 1986
    80 England Nottingham July 2010
    87 England Lord’s June 1954
    90 England Manchester July 1954
    90 Sri Lanka Colombo (PSS) July, 2009

Other Totals Upto 100

    92 South Africa Faisalabad Oct 1997
    97 Australia Brisbane Nov 1995
    100 England Lord’s June 1962

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