SL Vs Ind: Perfect Indian Farewell to the Son-in-Law, Muralitharan!

Galle, Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka won the first test match by 10 wickets, after dominating the four days of game played in the first test. Muralitharan deserved to retire with a win, as he has single-handedly won his team many matches in the past. But, the game of the Indian players during the SL chase was baffling. It appeared as if they did not want to fight. They probably wanted to give Murali, the son-in-law of India, a tensionless farewell.

Son-in-law has suddenly gained prominence in India for unexpected support to somebody. While BJP has termed Afzal Guru, the terrorist waiting for death, the son-in-law of Congress due to the delay in his death sentence, recently Shiv Sena called ex-Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu the son-in-law of Maharastra CM Chavan and Congress as the Maharashtra government, reportedly, provided special treatment to the Naidu, after arresting him. In both the cases, Naidu or Afzal Guru are not real son-in-law and they have just been called so because of the special treatment received, when both were expected to get severe punishment, according to the persons making the remark.

But, Muralitharan is the real son-in-law of India as he has married an Indian Girl. Son-in-law in India is given the best treatment and comfort possible. In the First Test, India were set to lose as their bowlers lacked teeth from the first innings. Surprisingly even the famous Indian batsmen also failed and were asked to follow-on. Ultimately they managed a lead of 94 runs. Till the start of Sri Lankan chase, the match was like any other test match. After all, India has a history of losing most of the first game of any series or tournaments. They lost again.

But, how can a team concede 96 runs in 14.1 overs? Does that baffle anybody? Were the Sri Lankan openers playing so well on the later half of the 5th day, when Galle pitch was supposed to turn in favor of the bowlers. Saving a target of 95 runs was too much to ask from the Indians. Nobody expected them to take inspiration from the Pakistani bowlers, who had bowled strong Australians on just 88 runs, just a night before in their 2nd test match in England.

Yet, a fight was all one wanted to see. Ishant, Harbhajan and Pragyan were treated like club-class bowlers. Even the hero of the first innings, the debutant Mithun was punished for throwing the leather. When the opposition team is attacking, there are more chances of getting a wicket. But Sri Lanka scored 96 runs in just 14.1 overs and won the match by 10 wickets.

It disturbs a cricket lover. The number 1 ranked team of the World, does not deserve to play for such a defeat. People who started equating the Indian team with the Australians should take note of the 14.1 overs bowled by the four Indian bowlers in the 2nd innings of Sri Lanka. Nobody expected them to win from there.

To a cricket fan it appeared, Indian players just wanted to hand over the victory and be part of the spectators to watch the praises, memento and awards received by Muralitharan, their national Son-in-Law to mark his last test match.

Quote: Shoaib Malik of Pakistan will be eyeing a series against India to make his return emphatic. He can be sure of receiving another son-in-law treatment from Indian players.

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