2012 T20 World Cup Statistics: Batting Records

Here is the complete batting statistics of 2012 T20 World Cup.

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2012 T20 World Cup Statistics: Team Records
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Highest Individual Aggregate
Aggregate above 100 runs

    249 Shane Watson (Aus) in 6 matches
    243 Mahela Jayawardene (SL) in 7 matches
    230 Samuels (WI) in 6 innings of 7 matches
    222 Gayle (WI) in 6 innings of 7 matches
    212 Brendum McCullum (NZ) in 5 matches
    193 Luke Wright (Eng) in 5 matches
    185 Virat Kohli (Ind) in 5 matches
    179 Dilshan (SL) in 7 matches
    170 Sangakkara (SL) in 7 matches
    164 Hafeez (Pak) in 6 matches
    155 Michael Hussey (Aus) in 6 matches
    153 Imran Nazir (Pak) in 6 matches
    148 Nasir Jamshed (Pak) in 6 matches
    147 Ross Taylor (NZ) in 5 matches
    140 Morgan (Eng) in 5 matches
    134 Dwayn Bravo (WI) in 5 matches
    131 David Warner (Aus) in 6 matches
    130 Chares (WI) in 6 innings of 7 matches
    125 Umar Akhmal (Pak) in 5 innings of 6 matches
    124 Hales (Eng) in 5 matches
    120 Franklin (NZ) in 5 matches
    110 Raina (Ind) in 4 innings of 5 matches
    106 Duminy (SA) in 4 innings of 5 matches
    105 Nicol (NZ) in 3 innings of 5 matches

one century and 29 half-centuries.

    123 Brendum McCullum (NZ) vs Ban
    99* Luke Wright (Eng) vs Ban
    84 James Charles (WI) vs Eng
    84 Shakib (Ban) vs Pak
    78* Virat Kohli (Ind) vs Pak
    78 Samuels (WI) vs SL in final
    76 Dilshan (SL) vs NZ
    76 Luke Wright (Eng) vs NZ
    75* Chris Gayle (WI) vs Aus
    72 Imran Nazir (Pak) vs Ban
    72 Watson (Aus) vs Ind
    71* Morgan (Eng) vs WI
    70 Watson (Aus) vs SA
    68 Hales (Eng) vs WI
    67 Samit Patel (Eng) vs SL
    65* Mahela (SL) vs WI
    63* Warner (Aus) vs Ind
    63 Bailey (Aus) vs WI
    62* Ross Taylor (NZ) vs WI
    58 Gayle (WI) vs Eng
    58 Nicol (NZ) vs SL
    56 Jamshed (Pak) vs NZ
    55* Rohit Sharma (Ind) vs Eng
    55 Jamshed (Pak) vs Aus
    54* Michael Hussey (Aus) vs Pak
    54 Gayle (WI) vs Aus
    51 Watson (Aus) vs Ireland
    50 Kohli (India) vs Afghanistan
    50 Nasir Hossain (Ban) vs England
    50* Levi (SA) vs Zim
    50 Samuels (WI) vs Aus and vs SL
    50 Franklin (NZ) vs Eng

Maximum 6s
List of batsmen hitting more than 5 sixes in the tournament overall.

    16 Chris Gayle (WI)
    15 Watson (Aus), Samuels (WI)
    13 Luke Wright (Eng)
    10 Brendum McCullum (NZ)
    8 Jamshed (Pak)
    7 Morgan (Eng), Dwayn Bravo (WI)
    5 Nicol (NZ), Warner, Bailey (Aus), Mahela (SL)

More than 3 sixes in an Inning
The World Cup saw 217 sixes. No sixes hit in 4th match between SA and Zim, Sri Lanka vs SA in 7th match. 8th match saw 17 sixes between WI and Aus. WI vs Ire match abandoned. First semifinal between SL and Pak had only one six (By Hafeez). Semifinal between WI and Aus saw record 18 sixes.

    7 Brendum McCullum (vs Ban), Watson (Aus) vs Ind
    6 Luke Wright (vs Afghanistan), Gayle (vs Aus) in semifinal, Samuels (WI) vs SL in final
    5 Morgan (Vs WI), Wright (Eng) vs NZ
    4 Gayle, Samuels (vs Aus), Jamshed (vs NZ), Gayle (vs Eng), Nicol (NZ) vs SL, Bailey (vs WI)
    3 Shane Watson (vs Ire and vs WI), Golbodin Naik (Afg), Imran Nazir (Pak) vs Ban, Charles (Vs Eng), Mahela and Dilshan (Vs NZ), Umar Gul (Pak) vs SA, Warner (Aus) vs Ind, Ross Taylor (NZ) vs WI, Dwayn Bravo & Pollard (vs Aus)

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