CB Triangular Series: Bowlers rule as Big Partnerships Dry

In a series that has seen bowlers dominating constantly, with Indian bowlers being the exception, only 5 partnerships of triple figures has been scored. Three of them came during the last match between India and Sri Lanka.

CB Series: Best Batsmen

India and Australia have contributed 2 each, while Sri Lanka’s only such partnership resulted into the only 200 run partnership of the tournament in 11 matches.

Interestingly, India who was criticised for not having any century partnership outperformed all the expectations in their last match, and now leads the century partnership chart, alongwith the hosts.

The partnerships by wicket is jointly led by Sri Lanka and Australia both sharing honours with 4 partnerships each for different wickets. India leads on 4th wicket and 7th wicket record for partnership for the series.

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