Evolution of Olympics: Historical Facts

Since the start in 1896, Olympics have come a long way with new rules, better facilities, much organinzed and better monitoring. Here is a list of first-time start of conventions till 2016 Rio Olympics.

London Olympics: List of Indian Atheletes
Indian Medals in Olympics History

First-ever Olympics held in Greece.

Olympic Oath voiced.
Doves were released to symbolize peace.
Olympic Flag was flown.

The Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger) was used.
An Olympic Village features

Olympic Flame was lit during the Olympics.
Parade of Nations started with Greece, which holds the origins of the Olympics, and ended with the host country, a tradition which continues today.
A standard schedule of 16 days started, which is still followed.
Bear the name “Summer Olympic Games

Olympic Village was built for the first time, in Baldwin Hills, occupied by the male athletes.
Use of a victory podium.

IOC member bid for host city.
The torch relay occurrred starting from Greece and ending to the venue.
Live television coverage.

Introduction of doping test.
First disqualification because of doping: Swedish pentathlete Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall was disqualified for alcohol use.

Munich massacre – violence inside Olympic village.
Olympic Oath was taken by a representative of the referees.

Torch relay
The lighting ceremony of the Olympic flame took place on 25 March in Ancient Olympia. For the first time ever, the flame travelled around the world in a relay to former Olympic cities and other large cities, before returning to Greece.

All countries have women athlete in their contingent.

First games to be held in a Portuguese-speaking country, the first to be held entirely during the host country’s winter season. Golf returned to Olympics after 112 years whereas with first time entries Kosovo and South Sudan, record 206 countries participated.

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