IPL 6 Batting Records: High Scores and Quickest 50s or 100s

Final had two devastating half-centuries from Pollard and Dhoni taking the tally of overall half-centuries to 93 in IPL 6. Earlier, 4 centuries and 86 half-centuries scored till end of league matches. Playoff 1 saw 3 half-centuries taking the tally to 89. Eliminator saw one match winning 54* and Playoff too also had one half-century.

With his half-century in Match 20 vs KXIP, Gambhir extended his record to 19 half-century
Gambhir has become the first IPL batsman to score three consecutive half-centuries twice. Three other batsmen have achieved the feat once.
Gayle registered record 4th IPL Century.

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CSK= Chennai Super Kings, DD=Delhi Daredevils, KKR= Kolkata Knight Riders, KXIP=Kings XI Punjab, MI=Mumbai Indians, PWI=Pune Warriors, RCB=Royal Challengers Bangalore, RR=Rajasthan Royals, SH= Sunrisers Hyderabad

Max 50s by Players

    6 Michael Hussey
    5 Kohli
    4 Finch, Warner, Rohit Sharma, Dravid, Raina
    3 Gambhir, Rahane, Watson, Dhoni, Gayle

High Scores

    175* Chris Gayle (RCB) vs PWI
    101* David Miller (KXIP) vs RCB
    101 Watson (RR) vs CSK
    100 Raina (CSK) vs KXIP
    99* Raina (CSK) vs SH
    98* Watson (RR) vs SH
    95* Sehwag (DD) vs MI
    95 Michael Hussey (CSK) vs KKR
    93 Kohli (RCB) vs SH
    92* Gayle (RCB) vs MI
    92 Bisla (KKR) vs CSK
    88 Michael Hussey (CSK) vs RR
    86* Michael Hussey (CSK) vs KXIP
    85* Gayle (RCB) vs KKR
    85* Gilchrist (KXIP) vs RCB
    86* Hussey (CSK) vs MI
    86 Karthik (MI) vs DD
    82* Raina (CSK) vs MI
    80* Miller (KXIP) vs PWI
    80 Azhar Mahmood (KXIP) vs MI
    79* Rohit Sharma (MI) vs KXIP
    77* Mandeep Singh (KXIP) vs PWI
    77 Shaun Marsh (KXIP) vs RR
    77 Gayle (RCB) vs KXIP
    77 Warner (DD) vs RR
    74* Rohit Sharma (MI) vs DD
    73* Shikhar Dhawan (SH) vs MI
    73 Rohit Sharma (MI) vs DD
    73 Shaun Marsh (KXIP) vs CSK
    72 Yusuf Pathan (KKR) vs PWI
    70 Watson (CSK) vs RR
    68 Dwayn Smith (MI) vs CSK
    67* Dhoni (CSK) vs SH
    67 Michael Hussey (CSK) vs SH
    67 Rahane (RR) vs PWI
    67 Finch (PWI) vs CSK
    66* Pollard (MI) vs SH
    66* Warner (DD) vs KKR
    66 Mahela (DD) vs KKR
    66 Manish Pandey (PWI) vs KKR
    65 Dravid (RR) vs DD, Kohli (RCB) vs DD, Michael Hussey (CSK) vs DD
    64* Rohrer (DD) vs RR
    64 Finch (PWI) vs RR
    64 Finch (PWI) vs KXIP
    64 AB de Villiers (RCB) vs CSK
    63* Shikhar Dhawan (SH) vs CSK
    63* Raina (CSK) vs PWI
    63* Rahane (RR) vs DD
    63* Dhoni (CSK) vs MI in final
    63 Sanju Samson (RR) vs RCB
    63 Shaun Marsh (KXIP) vs MI
    62* Rohit Sharma (MI) vs PWI
    62 Dwayn Smith (MI) vs RR in Playoff 2
    62 Dwayn Smith (MI) vs KKR
    61 Warner (DD) vs MI, Gayle (RCB) vs KXIP, Parthiv (SH) vs KXIP, Azhar Mahmood (KXIP) vs RCB
    60* Pollard (MI) vs CSK in final
    60 Karthik (MI) vs RCB, Gambhir (KKR) vs KXIP
    60 Sammy (SH) vs RR
    59 Gambhir (KKR) vs RCB
    59 Dhawan (SH) vs MI
    59 AP Tare (MI) vs RR
    59 Mahela (DD) vs MI
    59 Rahane (RR) vs KXIP
    58 Dravid (RR) vs PWI
    58 Dhoni (CSK) vs DD
    57* Pollard (MI) vs CSK
    57 Kohli (RCB) vs KXIP
    56 Miller (KXIP) vs MI
    56 Kohli (RCB) vs CSK
    55 Murali Vijay (CSK) vs RR
    54* Hodge (RR) vs SH
    54 Dravid (RR) vs PWI
    54 Uthappa (PWI) vs RR
    54 Kohli (RCB) vs CSK
    54 Dravid (RR) vs DD
    54 Sachin (MI) vs DD
    53 Gambhir (KKR) vs SH
    52 Saurabh Tiway (RCB) vs PWI
    52 White (SH) vs RCB
    52 Finch (PWI) vs DD
    51* David Miller (KXIP) vs CSK
    51* Warner (DD) vs PWI
    51* Bisla (KKR) vs KXIP
    51 Dhoni (CSK) vs MI, Pujara (RCB) vs KXIP
    51 Raina (CSK) vs RR
    51 Morgan (KKR) vs RR
    50* AB de Villiers (RCB) vs PWI
    50 Vijay (CSK) vs KXIP
    50 Dwayn Smith (MI) vs RCB
    50 Gambhir (KKR) vs PWI

Fastest 50

    17 Gayle
    20 Pollard
    21 Dwayn Smith
    23 AB de Villiers
    24 Warner (51*)
    25 David Miller (51*), Watson (70)
    26 AB de Villiers
    28 Kohli
    29 Karthik, David Miller, Watson, Hodge
    30 Rohit Sharma (twice)
    31 Sehwag, Michael Hussy (2)
    32 Kohli, Gayle, Finch (67), Gambhir (60), Kohli (65), Dhoni
    33 Raina, Sammy
    34 Warner, Finch (64 vs KXIP), Mahela
    35 Morgan, Michael Hussey
    36 Finch
    38 Gayle, Pollard, Dhoni
    39 Gambhir (Twice), Mandeep Singh
    40 Dravid
    42 Rohit Sharma, Michael Hussey
    43 Dravid, Kohli, Tendulkar

50s by Players

    6 Michael Hussey
    5 Kohli
    4 Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Warner, Rahane, Dravid, Raina, Dwayn Smith, Dhoni
    3 Pollard, Finch, Miller, Watson, Gayle, Shaun Marsh
    2 Mahela, Karthik, Dhawan, Vijay, Azhar Mahmood
    1 White, Morgan, AB de Villiers, Sehwag, Mandeep Singh, Sachin, Sammy, Bisla, Sanju Samson, Parthiv Patel, Gilchrist, Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, AP Tare, Hodge


    175* 66 balls Gayle (RCB) vs PWI
    101 61 balls Watson (RR) vs CSK
    100 53 balls Raina (CSK) vs KXIP
    101* 52 balls David Miller (KXIP)

50s by Teams

    16 CSK
    15 MI
    10 RCB, KXIP, RR
    8 KKR, DD
    7 SH, PWI

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